Should We Laugh Or Cry?

A report in the Mid-Day on the Colour Presentation ceremony on 08 Jan makes one wonder whether a free press means license to throw all decorum to the winds. “Merit Awards” indeed!


2 Responses to Should We Laugh Or Cry?

  1. SC Batra says:

    The journalists in India think they are expert on every subject or every thing… This is pure case where they do not understand that Supreme Commander is presenting a Standard to one of formations. She is not visiting for fun or site seeing etc etc..

    Journalists are looking for sensational news so that TRP ratings are up and nothing more. I was not surprised that National channels did not cover the PSP parade as it is not an important event for them…

    Least said about them better. I coul neither laugh or cry at ignorance of these people….

    Thanks Dara for bringing out the facts.

    BTW how was the function and I am sure you will some photos of it.

    Sudhir Batra


    I had lot regards for the Journalists till now,

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