Maruts on Display – Sublime to the Ridiculous

The Warbirds of India site has a very interesting display of many photographs of the various aircraft that are up on display throughout the length and breadth of the country. The Marut naturally features in many places. Kamla Nehru Park, Pune being one. Unfortunately one dismaying aspect was its condition. There is also a Canberra on display at a playground in Pune whose condition can only be termed disgraceful. Uncared and neglected over donkeys’ years, the local bodies, who could and should do something, couldn’t care less. The pity is that both these types were based at Pune and were probably the toast of  the local people during public displays at Lohegaon in the past.

Like most of us, I have seen a lot of aircraft and military equipment in civil areas, lying in a state of shocking neglect, and they can only be termed relics. Another case that comes to mind is a Gnat at  Chembur, Mumbai. I presume one of the reasons these aircraft are gifted to civic bodies is to promote awareness and instill interest in the Air Force. The state some of them are in, they are most unlikely to provide any motivation to the youth. So why are they there? More importantly, why are they in such a state and is it worthwhile continuing with this practice? I know it really is the job of the municipalities and others to maintain these exhibits. However, maybe a coat of paint every few years or even a thorough annual cleansing,  by a local unit, would be a blessing. Let us just look after them ourselves, the best we can – after all these machines are our history.

From the Warbirds of India: As Geoff Boycott would say about  the first three ” Rooobish”

Kamla Nehru Park, Pune. The photograph is actually flattering

Nehru Science Center, Mumbai

Science and Technology center, Periyar, Chennai

Science and Technology Center, Periyar, Chennai

Sentinel at the Main Gate, AF Station, Jodhpur. A pleasure to behold

First on display at the HAL Aerospace Museum.

ASTE, Bangalore

AFA. My Favourite


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  2. PS Sanadi says:

    Some years back I had written a letter to the Editor of Pune Mirror complaining of the shabby treatment meted out to Marut 1201 which is on display at the Kamala Nehru Park, Pune. I had flown this bird many a time in 220 & 31 Sqns. I found the aircraft was lying there tyres deflated, bricks thrown by youngsters lying on the wings & nav lights broken. I stressed that this aircraft had been flown by non other than Air Marshal Ramdas, Wg Cdr Mickey Jatar and a whole lot of well reputed pilots from the Air Force & more so it had taken part in the 1971 Indo-Pak War. To see it today in Kamala Nehru Park in its present condition is heart rendering. Promptly seeing the report, 9 BRD under whom it falls for its upkeep immediately refurbished, cleaned up the aircraft, repainted it,put up a fencing around it to protect it & placed a board there to say its maintenance is done by 9 BRD. Today the status remains practically the same. The area around it is full of weeds, the aircraft surface is covered with dust & grime. Sadly this is the state of affairs every where. The AF Stns under whom these airctart come should be made responsible for their upkeep as the Civic bodies are not bothered to take on this task.

  3. Dara says:

    Don’t know about any more myself. However, I think it would be possible to identify the aircraft number of the SWAC Museum one easily. We had our photograph with it in the background. I am sure someone here remembers it or has it on film. Will also contact people there who would be able to provide it.

  4. Jagan says:

    Sir, for the record,

    A list of known Maruts on display around the country

    -NA-	Gate Gaurdian Uttarlai.	Uttarlai	Rajasthan
    -NA-	The Heritage - SWAC Museum	Jodhpur	Rajasthan
    -NA-	3 BRD Area	Chandigarh	Haryana
    BD-884	Vishweswaraya Indl & Tech Museum 	Bangalore	Karnataka
    BD-888	Periyar Technology Center.	Chennai	Tamil Nadu
    BR-463	Nehru Science Center, Annie Beasant Rd.	Bombay	Maharastra
    D-1198	Jodhpur	Jodhpur	Rajasthan
    D-1201	Kamala Nehru Park, Pune	Pune	Maharastra
    D-1205	IAF Museum Palam	Delhi	Delhi
    D-1220	SWAC HQ, Gandhi Nagar	Gandhinagar	Gujarat
    D-1227	Sainik School, Kazhakootam	Kazhakootam	Kerala
    D-1237	at the Government Museum	Jaisalmer	Rajasthan
    D-1274	Officers Mess, Air HQ, Delhi	Delhi	Delhi
    D-1277	Airforce School, Agra AFS	Agra	Uttar Pradesh
    D-1691	Air Force Academy, Dundigal	Hyderabad	Andhra Pradesh
    D-1695	HAL Heritage Center	Bangalore	Karnataka
    D-1696	ASTE Campus	Bangalore	Karnataka

    Would love to know if there are more that are not noted here.

  5. Bill Hothi says:

    It is a pity to see such birds being treated so shabily. It also happens where military people can do something.
    I am not sure how to get one aircraft for display where it will be looked after. I have flown many except Gnat which I liked but never could get air force posting from navy when Gnats were flying.
    I am serious if we can get one, we will keep it shining on our own cost.
    Bill Hothi

  6. Jagan says:

    Dara Sir,

    One more.. you probably never heard of the “Surya Maruts” .. neither did I 🙂

    It is at Sainik School Kazhakootam.

    Thankfully they repainted it full grey recently.. i

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