At a X-roads

After two and a half years MarutFans is at the cross roads of its existence. The original purpose of the blog was to try and establish contact with as many of the Marut clan as possible and to keep the flock together and work towards the celebration of the Golden Jubilee. That goal has been achieved, what next?

Originally, I thought that after the celebrations we would shut shop and that would be it. However, it is not that easy. Having reached that moment, I find I have very mixed emotions about doing so. For one, it has been wonderful being together and having a place where notes and opinions can be shared. Now having got everyone together it seems silly to just throw it all away, as if it never happened. Besides, this blog is our very own creation.

We  have our MarutFans Group,  that serves a wonderful means of exchanging such information amongst ourselves, whose contents are not really open to all, unlike the Blog. Incidentally, the Group is now solely owned and run by Sudhir. So while the Group offers privacy, the Blog is open to all for healthy discussion and exchange of ideas.

On the other hand, I must confess I am at a loss as to how to keep afloat. I think the Marut story is now more or less complete – with just a few gaps, which over time will be gradually cemented. What is now required is a new direction, not drift, and I thought we need to open up.

I would like to  experiment with the idea of diversifying topics and not restricting them to a predominantly Marut bias. My own opinion is, that we can use this forum to discuss subjects which are relevant to our experience and interests, without becoming frivolous or acrimonious and yet generate interest through controversy and differing opinions.

Any and all suggestions, including the outlandish, are welcome.

5 Responses to At a X-roads

  1. Krishna murthy says:

    Hi Dara,
    Please do not stop. keep it going. You have done a wonderful Job of getting
    all Marutfans together.
    There are many topics worth discussing and spread the knowledge.
    I for one is not knowledgeable about Veterans benefits. Many rules have changed regarding pension ,widows benefits ,and AWWFA contributions.
    Things like ECHS , and how to go about getting things done for various ailments. The Procedure to follow for the the young and old. (guidance)
    Where are the OLD AGE homes , and the experiences of some of them .,
    residing in Big cities like Delhi, Bombay, Pune etc

    More in my next


  2. V B Athmaram Wg Cdr (Retd) says:

    Dear Dara Sir,

    There is a saying ” All good things should come to an end, so that better things can follow”.

    For this to happen, it is quite eseential to have the “Life line” which takes one from the closed good event – “Marut celebrations”- to better events that the time will lead to.

    Hence I would suggest we continue with the blog.

    Happy landings


  3. Eddie D'Silva says:

    Thats great – restricting the topics to predominantly Marut bias, maybe even Aviation related. Interest will dwindle after the ‘big event’, the blog will keep the spirit alive for a die hard Marut fan.

    Not that I contribute, but I look for news on the blog as I would check my mail – which is ever so often.

    You are going to suffer from what is called ‘Executive burnout’ , not handling the blog. So keep it going .

  4. Dara says:

    Received on email from RA:

    “Dear Dara
    I think that the blog should not be closed at any cost.
    As rightly suggested by you, we should diversify in to general topics. It will help all of us to express our view on subjects that may be of interest to others.
    Over the years people have gone into different fields and have acquired knowledge other than flying.
    It could behave like a social site for officers and family.
    We could also promote each other in our field of work. For example we are in the business of Carpets ,home furnishings, engineered flooring, wall paper , blinds and would be glad to offer special prices to our friends and family.
    We maintain a very beautiful bungalow in Varanasi and would offer free stay to any one wanting to visit the city.(Just for example)

    Rai Ajai Kumar”

  5. jagbag says:

    With so much going in and around us it would be really useful to get views as to how, why and where instead of remaining quiet bystanders. Though the officials cannot say anything as it would be without basis, it seems to me that the public want answers especially to the recent atrocities in Mumbai.

    My view is

    After the recent suspension of mil aid to our neighbour this was a deliberate act to refocus US attention to the sub-continent…. for obvious monetary gains

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