A meeting place for people the Marut brought together. The only fighter aircraft in the world made in India and flown only by Indian pilots, it has a uniqueness that bonds all those who were involved with it.

This site is not just about the aircraft as such,  it is, but it is more about the people involved and those who came together because of it.


8 Responses to About

  1. RITU RAJ RAMAN says:

    Respected decorated Indian soldiers it is a prize previlage to read about yours glory and Marut’s success in 1971 war.
    I am search for a book called Spirits of the wind Hal HF Marut by Pushpinder singh can someone help with an extra copy or pdf of xerox material i am searching for the book since last 1 year.

  2. Shashi says:

    Gentlemen, With all respect – can we for once not live in golden memories, but save current silver?

    Can your leadership, experience not translate to any material success of Mother India now? You can mentor engineers, students so instead of catching-up with the west; we could derive progress from Indian thought and built our own systems. Jai Hind

  3. Sudhir Batra says:

    Must be the popular brand at that time Black Knight or BK which our barman Beeman was happy to serve.

  4. sunith says:

    as RSO at pokharan one day, i had to stop live bombing as a caravan of camels were crossing close to the target. i sent the JWO to call the caravan leader. i fired him in my bambayya hindi and to my horror got a mouthful from him in chaste rajasthani. it turned out that the route he was using was a camel route from pokharan to pakistan for centuries and that we were the actual intruders. a nice way of saying “fuck off”. out of curiousity i asked him what he was carrying to pakistan. “BUSKEE” was the reply which for the uneducated is whisky. the return journey would have the fruit of the poppy or should i say the powder.
    100 rs for the first to guess which brand of whisky was being smuggled across…..

  5. Eddie says:

    And then there was another called Keru
    who lived on nothing but Daru
    he kicked tyres lit many a fire
    and snuggled in sleeping bags with “Firus”

  6. sunith says:

    there once was a pilot called keru
    who thought the marut a meru
    so hugging the road he flew under the wires
    and yet lived to kick more tyres

  7. Suresh Rao (Surdass / Suree) says:

    Hi Folks, took time to get on this blog but hope to be regular. I do believe that we need to network more vigorously if we have to make the Jodhpur thing happen.

  8. sunith says:

    i was posted to jodhpur in 75 to the Daggers and as was the norm had to stay outside the camp. luckily i got a brand new house built in the modern style and so we asked the owner to put up some pelmets. he was quite surprised and told us that he had designed the windows so that we could cut out the filmfare covers and paste. it seems that then the light was shut out and you also got to ogle the stars. heeee heeee heee

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