Request From Mr Pushpindar Singh

From: Pushpindar Singh <>


Date: 12 January 2011 1:08:45 PM GMT+05:30

To: Dara Cooper

Cc: Ravi Burli

Dear Dara,

A happy new year!

We are looking forward to the looming grand celebration, marking the 50th Anniversary of the HF-24 Marut’s first flight on 17th June.

As you probably know, i have been requested by HAL to put together and publish (under the auspices of the Society for Aerospace Studies) the ‘definitive’ book on the Marut but naturally would completely rely on the material flowing in from the Marut fans worldwide. This is to request you to please subscribe me onto the blogs/website for immediate access to the data.

The book itself will be based on SABRE SLAYERS: ‘the Gnat in India 1958-1991’, which was done under the aegis of HAL. The Marut book will follow the same format and styling the essential specifications as below:

Size         22.5cm X 29cm
Pages        200
Photos       150-200
Paper        best quality art paper (130gsm)
Cover Jacket 170 gsm, four colour and laminated covering the hard bound book
Print run    1100 copies

Could you kindly share this email with all Marut fans who could be requested to contribute their reminisces and photographs to make the book a memorable record for posterity. All the material can come to my mailbox as above.

Best regards

Pushpindar Singh Chopra



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