Pavanika Rocked

The only regret was that it lasted just a day. Was wonderful to meet so many familiar  faces and a torrent of memories came flooding back from the past.

To all those who couldn’t make it, rest assured you were missed, while some were remembered in little incidents that many recalled. To me, personally, it was best described by Ravi in his welcome address, “It  is about coming from the heart”. It truly was. It was not just the Marut, even though it was that too, but it was also a host of personal memories that surfaced.

When I got the intimation I happened to discuss it with Sadhna. I mentioned to her that I vividly remembered Ravi & Eddie and was in touch with  Su but couldn’t quite place Shanta. I wondered which course he was from?!  When she told me who Shanta was, the first thing that crossed my mind was not Suree or her but her parents’ home in Jodhpur. We used to play cards together and my memory of her was as a girl with a huge nose ring! More than that though, was the genuine pleasure of remembering her parents – her mother patting her husband on the back playfully calling her “My motoo!” and he with his ever present broad beaming smile that lit up the room. Also while I wasd speaking to Sadhna  aboutreunion and even though I meet her and Tony often, the memory that came flooding back was not about Jodhpur or the Marut but of much earlier. I reported to my first operational squadron in Baghdogra in Oct ’65 and was greeted by Plt Offr Garg who gave me a welcome hug saying “I’ve been waiting for you. Now I’m the second junior most officer in the squadron.”

I’m sure it was the same for everyone else there.  That was what was so special about the whole thing. It was not so much about what the Marut was like, it was about all of us and the wonderful people we met and a way of life that is simply unmatched, even today. We have all found a new niche and levels for ourselves in our professions and individual lives, but no matter what, it was the Marut which made these  old affinities, friendships, and long forgotten incidents  come alive for  that one evening.

What can one say about the wonderful hosts. Ravi graciously and unreservedly placed all his facilities at the complete disposal of Shanta, Su and Eddie. They in turn made a wonderful team that worked like eager beavers to make  a simple get together into something memorable and precious, for all those who were fortunate to make it there. To all of you our very very special thanks and gratitude.

Because their interest and hard work, the Pavanika event has set a high standard for Jodhpur to live up to. I for one am already impatient to be there.  We can look forward to meeting many more who would hopefully find Jodhpur an easier and more convenient venue to reach.

Till then, lets stay in touch here.


5 Responses to Pavanika Rocked

  1. Meher Bhavnani says:


    You have been a great tutor – will become ‘fully ops’ in no time. Thanks

  2. Dara says:


    Above the Title Marutfans (Blue Band) there is a grey band which has

    My Accounts My Dashboards New Post Edit Post…..

    Click “New Post” and you get to a page titled “Add New Post” where there is a word processor.
    Click in the Blank bar just below it.
    Fill in a title for your article.

    Click on the Word Processor page.
    Start writing almost as you were writing in Word.

    When you finish
    Go to the bottom and you will see a grey bar with “Publish”.
    If there is no window open under it go to the grey bar. The cursor turns to a cross arrow.
    Click and a window opens
    Save Draft Preview

    Draft Public Edit Publish Immediately


    Click on Publish on the right hand bottom corner and wait a bit (5 secs).

    Then scroll right back to the top above “Add New POst” you see on the left in a Dark Blue bar the Marutfans logo and next to it ‘visit site’

    Click visit site and you will see that your article is staring you in the face.

    Go for it Meher!!
    Give yourself another pat on the back 🙂


  3. Meher Bhavnani says:

    How do I start a new conversation – I have learnt to reply pls guide….

  4. Meher Bhavnani says:

    I hope I am going about this the right way. If this appears on our Marut page then I will know that I am getting tech savy.

    The re-union organised by Burli, Eddie, Soares and not to forget our only lady rep Shanta was a real success. Hats off to you all for such a well organised party spread over two days.

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