Air Cmde Peter Maynard Wilson – RIP


Courtesy Bharat Rakshak

Saddened to hear about the passing away of Air Cmde Pete Wilson yesterday. Aged 88, he was a legend to those in the IAF who either knew him or had heard of him.

Of the few heroes I had in Service, he was the first. Have written about my one experience with him, just a few months ago. The photograph above is exactly as he was during those days in 1965. A charismatic personality, it would be impossible to find anyone who had anything but praise and respect for someone who was a loving family man, a thorough professional and a father figure and mentor to youngsters.

For leading the day time bomber raid on Badin in Sep ’65, he was awarded the Vir Chakra. Again in 1971, as Station Commander, Jamnagar, he was awarded the Param Vishist Seva Medal , the last sentance of the citation reads – “In his outstanding career, with his leadership, drive, determination and implacable will. Group Captain Wilson rendered distinguished services of the most exceptional order.” Famously known for  his deception plans – which in spite of multiple attacks launched by the PAF at Jamnagar resulted in almost no damage to the base. Most of all, it was his calm, soothing confidence which inspired ground and aircrew alike to give off better than their best during the operations.

For those who came in touch with him at all, his passing away will be felt as a personal loss. A chapter has closed, will not be forgotten.

Our heartfelt condolences to his family.


4 Responses to Air Cmde Peter Maynard Wilson – RIP

  1. menonckk says:

    I had the privilege of serving under Jamnagar’s Station Commander, Gp Capt Pete Wilson during the ’71 war. I was attached from A&ATU. His leadership was truly inspiring. His calm and intelligent conduct of operations was a great morale booster for the entire Station. Such leaders are indeed a rare breed. May his soul rest in peace.

    My heartfelt condolences go to Mrs. Wilson and family.

    • Mark Wilson says:

      Thank you Minnie (Sir), I shall pass your kind thoughts to Mum. Dad always had the deepest regard for the selfless contributions you made to the effort made by everyone in 1971 to make sure that the embarrassment of 1965 was never repeated.
      As I have said elsewhere Dad always said that it was the IAF and the people he served with, to the most part, that allowed him to become the person he became and the man I love and respect so deeply.
      Thank you.

      • menonckk says:

        Dear Mark,
        Your dad was indeed an institution unto himself. A book on the life and career of Air Commodore Peter Maynard Wilson should serve to validate the memories and feelings towards him of family, friends and colleagues, and provide a beacon of inspiration for coming generations.
        Minnie Menon

  2. Dara says:

    From Gp Capt Hemu Sardesai on email.

    Thanks Dara. Very well said and a really good tribute to an inspiring
    personality.You were lucky to have spoken to him. We, the others, were just awestruck admirers of his flying as we watched his exploits.
    May his soul R I P

    Warm rgds to you Hemu

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