Photo Library

Bhushan’s photographs of the Function at the ASTE on 18 Jun 11.

Links received from Venkat:

Photographs by Gp Capt CKK Menon 16 to 19 Jun 11

Dara’s photographs of Bangalore 16 to 19 Jun 11

Photographs taken by Bhushan Narang on 16 Jun 11 at The Pauls function.

Presentation on History and Personalities.

Containing a brief pictorial history of the early days and some of the personalities involved with the Marut at the time.

May take about 10 mins to download.

Marut History

Marutfans Pictures available at

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Photos of Jodhpur Reunion:

From Venky:

From Rahul Narang:–2D-N_rhwE&feat=directlink

From Shekh

Photos of first reunion at Pavanika

From Venky:

From Cherry


4 Responses to Photo Library

  1. Latika Sanadi says:

    Lovely pics (: happy memories (:

  2. R SRINIVASAN says:

    I have been one of those who have been fortunate enough to have participated in the creation of a superb aircraft in the 60s. I got married in 1960 but I had my honeymoon days with the Marut project for the next 10 years. Being the first in establishing a flight test group under the able leadership of Wg.Co Naik (later Air Marshall Naik), Late Wg Cdr Nair and Squadron Leader P Albuquerque (later Air Marshall Albuquerque), the creative abilities started blooming with no bounds. The opportunity given while forming the Flight Test Group created a set of people who were totally dedicated unleashing all their creative intelligence crossing their own human limitations and imagination. The responsibility each one carried was much beyond his own expectations One had to learn hard from A to Z of aerodynamics, aircraft systems designed by engineers in hydraulics, air conditioning, chemical analysis as during Gun firing trials etc etc to enable installation of innumerous recorders and sensors, which have to be checked and rechecked several times to give reliable results of the flights. The limitations in technology those days made it all the more difficult in the design of installations of heavy instrumentation equipment. Full freedom, facilities and training were given with proper guidance at the right time. The reliability of the results was of prime importance as each flight demanded its own pound of flesh with its high cost. The whole group was dedicated to such an extent they were not bothered about the outside world. Those were the days when work was God and the intelligence flowing out created wonders. Many in the group had worked more than 100 hours a week for several weeks. The cohesion from top to bottom was such that no rank consciousness was ever felt during any part of the project. The Marut project in addition to creating a Maryllene Monroe (as Dr Kurt tank used to describe the structural shape) also created a set of people who had their life’s ambition satisfied in their work. I point this out as the work ethics is missing to a large extent in the present scenario in many areas of life.

    Today the Flight Test Section has been modernized to suit the needs of the hour with the LCA joining the pursuit of excellence.. I only feel sorry that the momentum of the Marut project considerably died down in the following days and some of the best original design efforts were not pursued further may be due to political interventions.

    I later left for Lucknow in 1970 as part of the team to form the new Accessories Division under the able leadership of Gp Capt (Rtd) B K Kapur, where the accessories and instruments for the Marut aircraft were selected after flight trials at Kanpur, fabricated and assembled to increase the indigenous content of the aircraft.

    R SRINIVASAN (alias RS in those days and Srini in later days)

  3. R SRINIVASAN says:

    I am one of those who is proud to have been associated with the flight testing of Marut aircraft from day one of its creation. I was extremely happy to have come across your site accidentally just today. I will respond soon with my experience with the machine and men who brought out of that incredible beautiful and ferocious lady Marylynne Monroe. I am at present in USA and will be happy to follow up the proceedings from this end of the globe. Wish the function on the 17th June all success

    • Dara says:

      A pleasure hearing from you sir. We look forward to your participation here and to read stories of your experience when you decide to share them with us.

      Glad that you found us.

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