What!! – Another Reunion????

Thanks to the determined efforts of a few like Groupie Bhargava and Bhushan Narang, not to forget Air Hq itself, which set the ball rolling, HAL has graciously consented to host the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the first flight of the Marut.

Co-incidentally the dates match perfectly, Fri 17 Jun 2011, marks exactly 50 years of that historical flight.

Tentatively the programme is a dinner meet on 17 Jun, followed next morning by a visit to the HAL and probably an aerial display. Also planned is an in-house get together on Saturday 18 Jun.

So be warned , at least a three day stop over, or else you’ll be eating your hearts out again. For those who thought the Gnat show was awesome, Bhushan says you ain’t seen anything yet! And that is from the horse’s mouth, after their meeting with the Chairman, HAL, three days ago.

If you miss out now – there’s a long wait till 01 Apr 2017 to celebrate 50 years of the Marut entering  operational service – it’s also April Fools day.  So don’t push your luck.

16 Responses to What!! – Another Reunion????


    Thanks to Sanadi, my coursemate for informing of this site. It is extremely great to hear regarding the planned reunion. it will really be nice to revive old memoirs.i had the privilege of two twenures in Maruts, one 31 sqn wen it was in Hindon, moved to Jodhpur (mid 1975 to dec 1976 ) later again the same sqn from jun1978 tooct 1979 and then 10 sqn till march 1981 ( again Jodhpur ).more as we get responses.great we a part of the group and exchange notes . thanks Dara.

  2. sunith says:

    if u can contact the other navy pilots it would help

  3. Cdr. B.S. Hothi says:

    Dear Fellow Marut Riders and the valiant maintainers,
    It will indeed be my pleasure to be there for the golden jubilee. Although, I flew very little but, the concentrated doze made me like the Marut so much that I remember it even today. The experience gained on this machine made my Harrier training a piece of cake.
    Please let me know if I could be of any help.
    Warm reagrds to all
    Hothi Navy

  4. Sudhir Batra says:

    Thanks for giving a sufficient long period. We can plan and be there. It should be fun seeing all Marutians at one place.
    I will try to contact some in Delhi and inform them about the reunion.

  5. Sudhir Kumar Sinha - babua says:

    That will be great sir.

  6. sudhir kumar sinha, gp capt (retd ) says:

    Great of u all, sir, for such timely action/ ensuring such progress.
    I shall definitely be there this time.
    I wonder if two grown up children could also be accommodated, if possible, in addition to wife – of course paid for by me, if they come along.
    ( I was just married when I left Maruts in Jan 1980, sir ).
    With best wishes, and highest regards to you and to all ex Maruts,
    Gp Capt S K Sinha S C ( Retd ) – Babua

  7. Wg Cdr C S Sahdev (Retd) says:

    I will push officers in Delhi area who could not make it to Jodhpur like Jimmi Bhatia, IS Bindra, Sofat, Bansal (Both Pilot and Tech) to name a few to join this time. All those who missed earlier events should know that they really missed something unforgetnable and must join B’lore.
    All those taking lead- Pl.do your best to make it happen.

    • Dara says:

      Thanks CS for taking the initiative. Any others you can remember, and who are not in the email list, also need to be approached. So if you do come to know anyone’s whereabouts please let us know. Thanks

  8. Promin Paralkar says:

    Hi Dara Sir,
    I deeply regret not being able to attend the last reunion at Jodhpur.I am looking forward to attending the reunion in Banglore in Jun 2011 and meeting all you guys.
    Best Regards,
    Chic Paralkar

  9. W Cdr V B Athmaram (Retd) says:


    It would be indeed a very very special occasion for all Murutians. I shall definitely participate and also contribute to the event to the extent possible. since I am in Bangalore and my office being in Indiranagar, Dara & Bhushan can count on my support as required. My contact details are as follows:


    Well begun is half done.

    Best of luck to every one.



  10. Dara says:

    Dear Marut Fans,
    Dara’s announcement must be taken as a preliminary warning. This also applies to the schedule suggested in this mail.
    Bhushan Narang and I attended a meeting with Chairman HAL, Mr Ashok Nayak on Wednesday July 7. This was in his Conference Room attached to his office. It had seating for about sixteen or so people. Chairman (abbreviation CH) HAL, came to the meeting with some pre-decisions of his own. He had already earmarked Mr NC Agarwal, Director Design & Development as overall in Charge with Squadron Leader Baldev Singh (Retd), Executive Director & Chief Test Pilot, as his direct helper for the Golden Jubilee of the Marut’s maiden flight. There were five other senior officers of HAL in attendance. All these were seated on one side of the oval table with Bhushan and I facing them across the table – all by ourselves.
    The meeting was surprisingly brief. I suggested the date as June 17, 2011 and this was promptly accepted. I did caution about rain but CH said that HAL would be able to cope with it. Mr Nayak was not worried about the expenses and HAL staff will have the authority to match the Gnat show of November 2008. The next step would be for Mr Agarwal to call a meeting, form a Steering Committee and allocate duties to all concerned HAL staff. Bhushan and I, along with perhaps one or two more retired officers, will mainly be advisers and spectators.
    At the first meeting of the Steering Committee we will suggest the same pattern as the last show. The Fans, with wives (and partners, if any), should gather in the morning at HAL’s Dr Ghatage Convention Centre. The schedule automatically means that all participants must be in town by the night of June 16. HAL should arrange pick-ups at the airport and the two railway stations, transport outstation guests to the accommodation arranged by HAL for them and supply meals as needed.
    A nostalgic Session, after reporting from 9 am onwards, fit for designers, engineers, pilots and wives should take us to lunch at the same location, with only a coffee (and toilet) break in between. Guests would be free till dinner time. Transport should be available for visitors to call on friends and relatives, go sight seeing or shopping, as desired. With the dinner, the main one-day formal celebration will be over.
    For June 18, a schedule was suggested involving a visit to the HAL Heritage Centre where a photo-op with a Marut aircraft might be arranged. Following this, all guests including ladies could be escorted to HAL’s Bangalore Complex to see Advanced Light Helicopter, Light Combat Helicopter, Intermediate Jet Trainer and Light Combat Aircraft. Weather and other conditions being favourable, a fly past of some of the aircraft could follow. HAL are being requested to follow this with a lunch. After this, HAL’s only task left over would be to continue provision of accommodation, transport and meals till outstation guests depart.
    Commandant ASTE has been requested to permit a contributory dinner on the night of Saturday June 18. This was the real relaxed fun full of risqué jokes and other tales on the public address system. Much hilarity and energetic dancing followed, liberally lubricated at the mess. Attendance for this is strongly recommended. A budgetary amount of Rs 1000 per couple was mentioned. Sunday June 19 should almost certainly be covered for most facilities but not meals Any exceptional cases could be extended HAL’s hospitality by another day, or two.
    Once again, the caution: This is what we will suggest to HAL. The decision on what will actually be agreed and executed rests with the CH and the Steering Committee. Till then, please keep your fingers crossed, but not too hard to cause any pain.
    With best wishes,
    Kapil Bhargava”

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