New Marut Group and safeguarding privacy

Just a word of caution about the blog. It is open to all and sundry to visit the blog. The only precaution that I have taken so far is to moderate the first comment made by anyone.

It would be prudent not to give out addresses or tel numbers. So far I have taken the liberty of deleting addresses and numbers, and will continue to do so in case someone slips up.

Groupie Bhargava has opened a separate group in Yahoo where we can exchange details and schedules about the celebrations with relatively more privacy. It is similar to the existing Air Force Group where only members are intimated of news and can pass on details.

Currently, I have a list of about 110 and am adding them to the Group. As and when a name is added, the individual will get an intimation. There is a limit of adding only 10 names in 24 hrs and so far 50 have been added. In the next few days all should be entered and we can start functioning.

The blog continues as usual with our own stuff, the group is only for ease of communicating effectively.


2 Responses to New Marut Group and safeguarding privacy

  1. Dara says:


    I am currently entering the addresses of everyone. The moment your name is also added, you will get an intimation and be guided to the site. Unfortunately there is a limit on adding only 10 names a day, so it will take another few days. Have about 30 odd left.

  2. Sudhir Batra says:

    What is the name of group started by Gpy Bhargava

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