Mrs Renuka “Puttu” Ramdas

May 2, 2018

Mrs Renuka Ramdas


It is with a sense of personal loss, which perhaps most of us Marutfans who were in Jodhpur in the 70s would experience, Mrs Ramdas – Puttu Aunty – to many a youngster in Jodhpur then, departed for her heavenly abode on Monday, 30 April, 2018.

Many met her for the last time when we had our get together in Feb 2017, little knowing it would be so.  As I write this her funeral is perhaps just about to start. I wish I could have gone one last time to pay my respects, unfortunately my health does not permit me to.

Vivacious, caring and full of fun, it was a pleasure to spend time with her and enjoy her company. Always a bag full of anecdotes. They celebrated their Golden anniversary in 2011 just before we met in Bengaluru for the Golden anniversary of the first flight of the Marut.

To Air Mshl Shashi Ramdas and her children, our heartfelt and sincere condolences. May God grant them the courage and fortitude to bear their grief.




Tribute To ACM Latif By His Niece

May 2, 2018


ACM Latif

Laila Tyabji’s eulogy for her favourite maamu…

“A bare six months after the death of his beloved wife Bilkees, my dear uncle Air Chief Marshal Idris Latif passed away this afternoon. After her loss, he was a shadow of himself, and now he has gone to join her. Read the rest of this entry »

Wg Cdr Sam “Samboo” Sekhar RIP

September 28, 2017
Sam Sekhar
Sam Sekhar passed away peacefully on 25th Sep 17 at 1155 hrs in Toronto . Born on 01 Nov 1945 he joined the Air Force in 1967. He is survived by his wife ( Nippu ) and two daughters ( Aparna & Shimona ) who are settled in Canada.

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A Gentleman’s gentleman – Wg Cdr Inder Dass RIP

September 21, 2017




A very sad beginning to a gloomy day. A call at 6.50 from Premjit to inform that Inder had passed away early this morning, 21 Sep 17. Lolly was in Pune on Monday and spoke briefly to Roshan saying she was in a rush and would call back. Later her sister called up to say that Inder had been admitted to the MH in Lucknow and Lolly had flown back. Then the dreaded call this morning. Laid low by an aggressive bacterial infection, was taken into the ICU last afternoon and it was all over by 0115. Read the rest of this entry »

Sqn Ldr Bhushan Narang – RIP

April 6, 2017

Bhushan 1


That smile will never be forgotten or erased from our memories. It says everything about Bhushan – why he was so loved, admired, generous to a fault, a friend one could totally rely on and above all a devoted husband, father and family person. 

He went as he lived, in a flash, and has left behind a heap of memories and anecdotes to remember him by. As I got to the comp and checked the mail, my heart skipped a beat – a mail from Bhushan in the MarutFans Group. As expected it was a joke. A joke that  unfortunately one could not appreciate as his name stayed imprinted on the mind.

Too shell shocked to write anymore. 

To Rita, Pritika and Rahul. We feel your grief and are a part of it. Hopefully that thought will give you strength to bear this terrible loss. You are and will always be a part of us.

Rest in peace Bhushan. You brought happiness to many. Now we cherish memories and the thought that you were our friend and always brightened our lives with your presense.

Behind the Scenes

February 10, 2017

Must confess I took some things for granted. A friend who reads this blog wrote to me asking the how, why, when on the re-union. So for those who missed out on that – it was to celebrate 50 years of the formation of the first Marut Squadron. No 10 Sqn was first formed at Jamnagar in 1967 and shortly thereafter moved to Poona, where the second squadron, 220 Sqn,  was also formed. So Pune enjoys a special place in Marut history.


Signed by all, this plaque was presented to Air Force Station Pune.

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More Random Shots

February 6, 2017

Boss Murthy in full flow

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