Behind the Scenes

Must confess I took some things for granted. A friend who reads this blog wrote to me asking the how, why, when on the re-union. So for those who missed out on that – it was to celebrate 50 years of the formation of the first Marut Squadron. No 10 Sqn was first formed at Jamnagar in 1967 and shortly thereafter moved to Poona, where the second squadron, 220 Sqn,  was also formed. So Pune enjoys a special place in Marut history.


Signed by all, this plaque was presented to Air Force Station Pune.

So a few of us who are settled in Pune met sometime in August 2016 and said “Lets do it”. Tightened our belts and got down to it…a few of the original few actually did some work! Finally our charter of duties read:

Phiroze – Treasurer. Simple reason – who would question him?


Would you? Samaresh got it right

Dara – Communication and general co-ordination.
(Reality – worrier, hand-wringer, chief nagger)

Keru – Liaise with hotels for accommodation and organise functions there
(Reality – absentee landlord)

Koch – Liaise with the Air Force Station.
(Fact -Everyone’s whipping boy! Koch has this been done, Koch have you.., Koch what about….,Koch..Koch…Koch)

Elaine – Keep Koch fit, willing & able, pack goodies, photographer.

Pat – Manage the bar at functions – unsung, unheard, efficient.


Atul, Phiroz,Boss Murthy, Dara, Keru, Pat


Koch & Elaine

Then there were the advisers Shashi Ramdas, Tony & Sandy who did a great job of ‘Jakh Maroing‘ – how well they did it!
Air Mshl Shashi Ramdas gave a rousing discourse, Tony designed the plaque and Sandy was the cleverest of them all – got himself admitted to hospital




Air Mshl  Ramdas



Emails flowed and floated in Cyberia. Tried to make sense of all the – Ï hope we can make it, I think we’ll come,  I don’t think we’ll come, I’ll come alone, no we are both coming, sorry only I will come. We’ll come both days, sorry I’ll come only on first, I’ll come on second, I want to cancel….and so it went till 9 am on the 1st. 

There were trips to the hotel – we want 15 rooms, no make it 25, no I think we need less, we need more….and Avinash heard us patiently. Lets have lunch at the Turf Club, lets have a trip to the Air Force Station and dinner thereafter, lets have brunch. Phiroz went after all his shady contacts, haggled and organised the buses and the goodies from bakeries and Chitale Bandhu and Budhani.

Lets have the Air Force do on 1st, no lets have it on 2nd. Cancel the Turf Club, no the ambiance is worth getting tired for, lets go to Lohegaon and visit the squadrons if possible. Lets have dinner there after the visit. Do you know how old we are? On our feet from noon to late night?  And so it went on and on. Before we knew it, it was the 1st and the first arrivals were there at 5.30 am. Our guardian angels worked over-time. Things fell into place. The hotel was efficiency plus. The AOC and his officers the PMC and Mess staff were more than welcoming and threw their doors open for us.

Moral of the story – There is a God. He has a soft corner for Marut Fans.


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