The Good Die Young: Maj Akshay Girish Kumar – RIP


Got a message early this morning from Eddie while Koch and I were on the golf course, informing us of the passing away of Akshay, son of Girish and Meghna, in the encounter at Nagrota yesterday – 29 Nov 16.

What can one say at moments like this? That he died a hero? Bravely doing his duty? Mission accomplished? How banal it all sounds. How does that cut through the grief and the loss that Sangeeta, Meghna and Girish are going through right now? No nothing will cut through that.

Please know, however, that this Marut family of yours, through its own tears and grief, is totally there for you right now, sharing your loss, pain and misery and trying to give you strength.

This nation owes you big time.

Truly, only the good die young.





5 Responses to The Good Die Young: Maj Akshay Girish Kumar – RIP

  1. Ravi Burli says:

    Our deepest condolences. He was a very well bred fine young man and a heroic soldier. His spirit lives on, enthuses and enriches us and the Nation. Rest in peace Akshay. In grief, Ravi Burli

  2. vskochar says:

    Girish and Meghna our deepest condolences. I am finding it hard to describe our feelings for your loss. We pray the God gives you the strength to bear this grief. Koch and Elaine

  3. Dear Girish and Meghna, Deeply grieved to learn of the martyrdom of Maj Akshay. The nation owes you and Akshay’s family a debt of gratitude. We pray that god gives you and Sangeeta the strength to bear the tragic loss of this Brave heart. Jai Hind 🇮🇳. Deepest condolences. Mal and Renuka

  4. Ajit Sharma says:

    Our salute to the young hero and prayers for his soul to rest in peace. May God help Girish and Meghna bear this loss with fortitude.
    Ajit Sharma

  5. Sqn Let A Mukherjea says:

    Our thoughts are with the family. Praying for eternal peace to the departed soul.
    Abhresh and Mondira Mukherjea

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