Long Time No See

Five years ago in Bangalore we did look ahead and sort of vaguely agreed that we could meet again in 2017. Actually I am so impressed I even remember! The occasion – to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the formation of the first Marut Squadron – No 10 Sqn, formed at Jamnagar on 01 Apr 1967. Though formed at Jamnagar, the unit soon moved to Pune and so – here we are.

How about it? There are quite a few who can remember the very day itself – Air Cmde Murthy, AVM Sisodia, Groupie Minnie Menon, AVM Lamba and others like Keru, AM Ramdas, Sam Shekhar and the like who were almost there from the word go. The rest of us were also rans – but so what! Some bonds are permanent.

Keru did some research locally and there are a few hotels that have packages for Service Officers arriving on temporary duty. Right now the Sun N Sand, charges around 5800/- a night, spouses complimentary stay and breakfast. The rest chargeable at discounted rates.This is the current rate, there maybe changes by the time we meet.

So, what say? 2017 is almost upon us, are peeps interested? If so, could you please let me know either here or on email. Depending on the response we could move further on the matter and finalise details. We could plan for a 2 night stay and if convenient, organise everything at the hotel itself so that there are no hassles of planning lunches etc etc. Please specify a convenient period also, if not April, then around about the same time.

Right now we are looking at the response. Details can then follow. All suggestions welcome, all decisions rest with Punekers.





10 Responses to Long Time No See

  1. menonckk says:

    Dear Dara,

    Great initiative! Hats off to Keru and you. I look forward to meeting our comrades in arms. You may be aware that 10 Squadron was formed 72 years ago on 20th Feb, 1944. You can read about out here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/No._10_Squadron_IAF#/search
    February is a period of pleasant weather in Pune. You might consider that date or period too.

    By the way 31 Sqn’s anniversary celebrations are in October this year. All Lions who have not received an invitation, and would like to attend should contact them.

  2. Suresh says:

    Dara Sir,
    Great idea , however instead of “long term planning” let’s do this after Diwali, somewhere third week Nov or so? Weather will be great and won’t involve too much waiting or else I feel this whole thing will lose ‘steam’!
    Shanta n Self are ON!

  3. Dara Sir,

    What a great opportunity to meet uo and blast in PUNE. I love it and will be there with my wife. Count on me.



  4. V.K. Murthy Sr.Veteran says:

    Great Idea ! I am 86 now and alive & kicking. Looking forward to see old friends and Marut Fans. Date and place anywhere within India is no problem. I would like to see how many join me in my morning walk ( 3km) before b’ fast and I confess that I cannot match them more than 2 pegs before dinner. Dara….I appreciate your effort and enthusiasm…let us see how many respond ? Good Luck !

  5. Rai Ajai Kumar says:

    Any time, every time, any where

  6. Girish Kumar says:

    Yes Sir- look forward to a get-together! April is preferred month.

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