“Triumph in Surrender”- Vijainder ‘Kuku’Thakur.

As one fortunate enough to have got the gist of the story, it is spell binding from cover to cover – take my word for it.
“Lancer Publisher on May 24, 2016 released the e-book edition of my maiden novel – Triumph in Surrender – on Amazon and Google Play. You can download and read free of cost the first 2 chapters of the Kindle edition from Amazon, and the first five chapters from Google Play. The latter allows you to read the book using your browser!

The print edition of the book is likely to be released later this week.
The book draws on my early adult life experience as a Marut and Jaguar pilot in the IAF, my middle life experience as software developer, and my current sunset inning as military analyst and writer.
This book is inspired by my Twitter (@vkthakur), Facebook (IDPSentinel) and Google Plus (IDP Sentinel) followers whose interest in defense matters and support for my thoughts gave me the confidence to write a novel straight from my heart. The narrative targets the millions of technology savvy young Indians, across genders, who believe in India and the thought – We can do it! It’s an ode to their patriotism, pride, intellect and independence of thought.
The protagonists in the narrative have shades of real life characters that I came across in the IAF. If you ever get to read the novel, you will probably see the resemblance too.
Here is the official synopsis of the book as printed on the book cover.
 Triumph in Surrender_Cover 1024px
Triumph in Surrender, set in contemporary IAF, is a fast paced narrative that blends edge-of-the-seat action with heartwarming passion and rectitude against the backdrop of an existential threat to the nation. The thriller romance gives an intimate glimpse into the lives of IAF personnel and showcases the technological capabilities of the service that invariably gets the first call to action.
 The novel’s plot is woven around three brilliant and passionate characters who stay in perfect harmony despite cross wired attractions out of deep respect for each other. Triumph in Surrender illustrates how, when reposed with freedom and trust by their governments, the Karamvir Yodhas of this world can ward off the most diabolic threats; evil exists only where goodness is shackled.
The book cover doesn’t allude to it, but the narrative proclaims loudly – the Karamvir Yodhas of today are as often women as men.
Lancer has priced the book at a pocket searing Rs 595/- (I told them they are crazy, thinking in my mind that the Dodi Bansal or Sam Shekhar would have done a so much better job.) The good news is that both Amazon and Google Play are selling the book at half price – Rs 297.50!
As to the hard copy, Lancer has agreed to give me a limited number at cost price of Rs 350/- If anyone ever wants the hard copy, I can book post / courier it at cost price + postage charges.

One Response to “Triumph in Surrender”- Vijainder ‘Kuku’Thakur.

  1. menonckk says:

    Yesterday I finished reading Kuku’s novel, Triumph in Surrender. It was a roller-coaster experience! I literally went through emotions of laughter, tears, anxiety and anticipation of what’s next? The master story teller had me guessing all the time, reading this hard to put down book. Even the ending has a what’s-next to it. The narrative also updated my antique knowledge of the Air Force. Being in Canada I had to fork out a few extra dollars for the kindle edition; but it was well worth it.Thank you Kuku.

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