Appeal by Col Kaul

Am taking the liberty of copy/pasting an appeal put up by Gp Capt Anant Bewoor  by Col Kaul from another site. To refresh, we have all seen Col Kaul on TV many times over and also know him now for his hard work along with Gen Satbir and his group on the OROP issue. Please circulate as best you can. Its the least we can do.


“For perusal of IAF personnel who can assist Col Kaul. He was injured while leading an attack on Jaffna against LTTE in Oct 1987. I flew him in with his tank from Madras.

Anant bewoor”

 Ladies & gentlemen, friends and we’ll wishers ,
In the past year or so while fully engrossed in the OROP struggle, I have had to cope with some personal medical issues. They have now reached a state where I am making this appeal. I have two issues to take care off. One is simple and is being addressed on 11/6 . A cataract operation being done at the Shroff Eye Centre in south Delhi. The other is a more serious and complex problem and that is to do with the failure of both my kidneys necessitating dialysis three times a week. I have been advised to undergo a transplant at the earliest. While all other parameters can be handled the availability of a donor is beyond my control. I have no blood relations to turn to as they have all moved on. I am 65 years, my blood group is A+. Should anyone be kind enough to help me please do contact me on my mail ID my direct no 9810272291.
Thank you in anticipation.


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