Lunch Pe Charcha with Groupie Minnie Menon

Some of us, not having been able to condole with Groupie Menon and his children following their recent bereavement, got together for lunch with him and his daughter Sonia on 30 Sep. Unfortunately I was out of town for a few days thereafter, hence the delay in posting this. Managed to get Dolly & Phiroze, Keru, Sandy & Latika, Elaine & Koch, Roshan & I together. Some others couldn’t make it unfortunately.

Earlier along with Air Mshl Shashi Ramdas, Elaine & Koch, had met Anand, Groupie’s son, at a prayer meeting. Unfortunatelty Anand had to return to Canada earlier. Along with us locals we were fortunate to run into Doc Darshan Bhatt and Doc & Mrs Bhupi who had come for the same meeting.

Latika was smart enough to get some pictures taken:

Groupie, Dolly, Roshan

Groupie, Dolly, Roshan


Koch, Keru, Elaine, the one & only Phiroze.


Sandy, Keru with Groupie


Phiroze, Dara, Sonia


Thats Latika in there too!

The whole jing bang lot

The whole jing bang lot

4 Responses to Lunch Pe Charcha with Groupie Minnie Menon

  1. menonckk says:

    Thanks again Dara; lovely memories.
    Mini Menon

  2. Dara says:

    Good to see you all …Bonding! Long Live Marut Fans !
    jp nita

  3. menonckk says:

    Thanks Dara for a pleasant luncheon get together. It was great meeting you all. Sonia loved the gift from Keru.
    Mini Menon

    • AC says:

      Dear Sir,
      My father Col R Chandrasekaran from Madurai is trying to locate a person by your name and your brother CBK Menon, also from Madurai who immigrated to Canada. My father recalled with pride that you were the first person to get a Vir Chakra in the operation at Kasur. He also said that there is a plaque in Madurai Airport commemorating this. He said he met you again when he was stationed in Jodhpur. I’ve sent an email to your id. Please do respond. Thank you.

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