Will Miss You – Gp Capt DS Jain – RIP



Another dear friend leaves us with memories to fall back on.. Jango, how many ever picture him without his trade mark smile?

Happily for him his passing away was in a moment, while on his walk last evening. What a wonderful way to go, what a shock for Cash, Ekta & Nitya. God give them the courage and strength to see them through this ordeal.

If ever one was feeling low, a few minutes of Jango’s company and the world seemed bright again. Everything had a brighter side and he always saw it. If you didn’t, he conjured it up for you to see.

My last memory of him is sitting with Cash & him at Jodhpur airport 2010, waiting to catch our respective flights to Delhi & Mumbai. Both flights were late. Spent an hour talking and catching up with our news. He had moved on to Air India Express but all we did was reminesce about the Air Force days and bringing each other up on our families. Thereafter we were in ‘touch’ through his bulletins he sent to all of us giving progress on various topics of interest to veterans.

With our deepest and heartfelt condolences to Cash and his two daughters.

PS: The worst thing about maintaining a blog like this, which is really just a story of days gone by, is not just the obituaries that one writes out with increasing frequency these days. Painful as that is, the worst is removing people who have been a part of our lives from the mailing list. Its heart wrenching. A final good-bye and a window of our lives closes forever.




7 Responses to Will Miss You – Gp Capt DS Jain – RIP

  1. Ravi Burli says:

    As the shock of Jango’s sudden demise lessens, I recall vividly the diminutive, wide eyed little boy look about him when we first met in Jodhpur. He and Mal arrived in the Marut fleet six months after the six of us of 117 course, From being complete strangers, we became great friends as we went through the thick and thin of life as young aviators in the Fleet and there after.

    There was never a dull moment with Jango around, whether in the crew room or elsewhere. If there was laughter and merriment somewhere, Jango was sure to be around. Completely unprejudiced about the basics of life like association and kinship, he was ever so quick to make friends. The whole station seemed to be pals with him. His hallmark trait was saying or doing something funny and then unmindful of whether or not others reacted, bend over with eyes crinkled and let go a hearty laugh. One had little option, just seeing him, than to do likewise. He had this amazing ability of talking and laughing at the same time.

    His fun loving nature of course, did nothing to mask his fine personality and solid professionalism. Everything in this regard was underplayed. He could come back from a weapons sortie for example, having destroyed the bombing pin or literally torn the FG target to shreds and just go about his business like nothing exceptional had happened and no one would know till the scores came in !!. That was so much like him and most unlike many of the the rest. Humility was his forte. He was also a very accomplished sportsman with a flair for racquet sports.

    I had the good fortune of knowing him through Jodhpur in Maruts and then at Ambala in Jaguars. We were also instructors in FIS together for close to 2 years and kept touch every once in a while thereafter even as he went onto join civil aviation. I recall sending him a set of newly published aviation publications that he had requested, from AFA last year. Now I am really glad I did that as per his wish.

    It is impossible to believe, Jango so full of life and energy, should be no more. But it makes for an easier perspective of ones own unpredictable mortality.

    So rest in peace dear friend till we meet in the distant and permanent nice place you are in.

    In grief,

    Ravi Burli.

  2. Kash 9818662710
    Add C 8, Kiran Residency
    Plot 79, Sector 56
    Gurgaon 122011
    Tele(R) 01244234602

  3. Dara says:

    Received on email from Air Cmde Ashok Chibbar

    “I have written an eulogy for Django. It could be viewed at:




  4. batrasc says:

    I got a message from CS Sahdev that funeral will take place today 24th at 5 PM at Brar Square Delhi Cantt,

  5. Dara says:

    Received on emil from Air Cmde Ashok Chibbar (Retd):

    “This is a real shocker! Real sad to learn about Django. A wonderful person, he was the CI at AFA under me when I was the Dy Comdt. A lively character, he was my golfing partner too.

    May God Bless his soul and may he RIP. Sir any contact number of Kash?

    In grief,


  6. Jango and I were course mates and had joined the Marut fleet together. Once the crowd learnt that we were teetotallers, a bee line was made to our bar books to circumvent the Rs 150 limit on alcohol consumption in the mess.However, by the end of our tenure in 1981, when he moved on to Jaguars and I to the MiG 21 Bis, Jango had started to drink realising that it was better to utilise our bar books rather than philanthropy for the thirsty guzzlers that comprised the Marut fleet. We were again together at FIS Tambaram for the APFIC.
    We did keep in touch through out our tenure in the Air Force and after, as we had both settled down in the NCR, he in Gurgaon and I at Delhi. Renuka and I were indeed fortunate to have hosted Kash, Ekta and him for lunch at our home on Sat 20 June, possibly his last social engagement on earth. He messaged me the next day, whilst on his way to Mangalore, saying how much they had enjoyed the afternoon. I responded that we must do this again and `Happy Landings’.
    Alas, that was not to be as he has landed at his final destination where to quote a verse from Hotel California(Eagles) `You can check in any time you want but you can never leave’.
    Farewell my dear friend. I am sure you have them rolling in the aisles with your rustic Haryanvi jokes.
    Rest assured Kash, Ekta and Nitya will be looked after by all of us.
    In grief
    Mal & Renuka

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