A Very Welcome Visitor

About a week ago got a surprise call from none other than a man who has been of immense help over the last few years this blog has been in existence. None other than the very face of Bharat Rakshak – Jagan Pillarisetti. After having exchanged almost a 100 mails with him he sounded no stranger. In India for a shortish trip he has been gallavanting between Hyderabd, Mumbai, Pune and God knows where else. He had decided to visit Pune and was gracious enough to think of us here.

Incidentally the day before he reached Mumbai he had spent an evening with our latest Marut Fan – Cyclic. Asked him if our Cyclic was as much a maverick as his writing suggested, all I got in reply was a shy smile and a soft “Yes”!

Arrived straight from Mumbai accompanied by his friend and co-worker Kapil Chandani. Kapil provides the Mumbai link to Bharat Rakhshak. Had always imagined Jagan as a bookish, laid back person. How wrong can one be? What was immediately apparent was a bundle of boundless energy. Was spending the better part of two days here and in that time I can’t even remember the number of people he had planned to visit and did visit from one end of Pune to the other.

Jagan on the left, Kapil on the right

Jagan on the left, Kapil on the right

Had a good two odd interesting hours together. Both Jagan and Kapil are absolute repositories of information. Want to know which squadron was based where in which year? When it was number plated and where? When and where it was brought out again from the closet? Ask them. What Jagan can’t immediately recollect, Kapil will. When I told them I had spent a long time in 31, was immediately asked if I had visited the squadron here and was even given the name of the CO then! When I got mixed up between the two Admirals Arun Prakash and Pasricha, one on Hunters and the other on Mysteres, was corrected even before the words were out of my mouth.

They also recounted a host of incidents concerning a lot of individuals and if ever anyone wants to find out something that eludes his memory, just call up Jagan. Be sure, the answer will be there within the day. I think it would be safe to say that between Air Mshl Bharat Kumar and Jagan and his set up, there is not an iota of IAF history that has been left untouched, unnoticed.

Looking forward to his next visit and with a little bit of notice will certainly organise a get together with the many Marut Fans and his other friends here. Look forward to it already.

Jagan and Kapil


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