Last evening, read a story by the one and only, indefatigable Cylic (of Kempy’s Nose fame) on another site. A little bird kept whispering “Marutfans, Marutfans – you idiot!” So, afore laziness set in, I sat down and wrote to him asking his permission to reproduce his story here. Lo and behold in a matter of hours there was this very touching reply and to our good luck, he threw in a goldmine to boot.

It also got my conscience rapping my knuckles. ‘Hey lazybones, it’s your job too you know. Haven’t lifted a little finger in months and trying to salve your guilt by re-cycling?’ Ouch! that hurt. So here I am. The spirit is willing to get Marutfans back on the rails and grow. The flesh will follow, that’s a promise. Truth be told I have been tweeting away on Twitter for quite a while now and have got addicted. Ask Kuku Thakur and Koch, have become a veritable chatter box!

Have also realised I’m quite fascinated by our politics – but that’s a no – no here. For sure! Don’t even try.

So to Cyclic’s very touching email, leaving out the personal stuff and his tremendous offer. Which by the way I have accepted before the ink could even dry.

“I am a Marut Fan For Life

To begin with, I was a twit who joined AF only in the closing stages of the 71 war as a Tpt (Dak) pilot and therefore I have not had the pleasure of serving with the large number of Marutians, including you, though some like late Bobby Kasbekar knew me as a cadet from NDA, since I was a friend and fan of his mother and SIL, and soul mate of his younger brother late Bingo, friend of Madhuri too. There are large number of Marutians who know me, and that includes the names that you took, your golfing partners, and the younger generation of Marutians. I have served with large number of them, I hope honourably. Two a/c that have inspired me from my youth are the Marut and the Gnat, both of which I have only got to fondle with passion only on ground and sadly never got to fly. There was another, the illustrious Spit, which I taxied out almost to the dumbbell in Palam, but never got to take off; got put under close arrest by the C-in-C WAC and had to be taken out of arrest by CAS to do vintage flypast next day (Lamba Sir would probably giggle if he reads this), that is another story. I visit the Marut Blog at least once a fortnight and the banter there warms my cockles, makes me feel young and virile, and I just the love the chatter between those who inspire me. I have closely looked at the photos of your GTG at B’lore and it was exhilarating going down memory lane, I know almost all of you, senior & junior, my ever green heroes !! You have been the driving force behind the Marut blog, and it would be too painful to me if you let it go while you still have testosterone. Sir, if all that you need to keep the blog alive is a stupid story from me, I promise I will write one every week, exclusively for Marut-fans !! I am not a writer, story teller or words smith, just a stupid plodder and mischievous imp who took panga on daily basis just for the heck of it. I was an immature, impetuous, supercilious and undisciplined person, still am. Perhaps one of those who should not have been commissioned in the first place. I recollect Bobby Sir’s advice to my CO when I was a young officer, ’Kick this bugger daily, but if the weather is bad or if a mission needs to go through no matter what, send him. He is the type who will write DCO and not DPCO/DNCO in the author book’. That was the only complement or citation I got in my life, it really made my day. I took a PMR in 1994 as DDASR and have done this and that, been here and there, mostly doing extreme engineering all over the world. At 65, I cannot stop, I am a workaholic and my present coordinates are given below. My work demands 16 hrs, 6 days a week. But as a single person, when I come home, and have a drink, I sometimes tap out old stories, mainly to amuse many of my very young fans to humour them and to make them seek adventure of AF as a career. If my stories amuse my role models, wow, I will write one daily !! It is not Unni who writes these stories, but my twin called Cyclic who emerges after I have had two pegs of St OM with coke !! I like the anonymity of Cyclic, it helps to tell stories without fear or favour. Would you like me to send you a weekly story submission, like a TV serial, starting with my life as a Plt Offr ? !!! I wish you a long, healthy and happy life. Best regards, Wg Cdr Unni Kartha (Rtd) CEO”

Unni, my new-found friend and saviour, I repeat what I said this morning “yes, yes and yes again“.




  1. menonckk says:

    I wish Cyclic a long long productive life so that he can continue to edutain old fogeys like me and young ones alike.

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