Wg Cdr Hargovind Bhavnani (Retd) – RIP





Bhavs to his friends, and there are many, will be sorely missed. Started his career in Maruts in the early 80s and then like everyone else moved on to other things. The Marut bond remained intact and he maintained his contacts with his colleagues till the very end. A friendly, fun loving person, what made Bhavs unique was his uprightness and his willingness to go out of his way to help out those in need. With a simple straight forward attitude to life he stood up for what he believed in and never shied away from speaking up for the under dog or his juniors.

To Meher, Shiraz, Ravish and their families, our deepest sympathies. They remain part of the Marut family as ever before.


4 Responses to Wg Cdr Hargovind Bhavnani (Retd) – RIP

  1. ruffxena says:

    Gosh I didnt know dear Bhav has also left us. Great guy will always remember that drawl & smile of his.when we were all together in Jodhpur on Maruts. RIP dear Bhav. Sandy

  2. Dara says:

    Received from Anil Mathir on email:

    A most distressing and disturbing news. Spent some very memorable time
    with him in Desert Tigers. Very jovial and professionly sound. My
    condolences go out to Meher and all family members.
    May his soul RIP.


  3. Wg Cdr P N Paralkar(Retd) says:

    I am sad to hear the news of ‘Hargo’ as I used to call him during my stay in Jodhpur with the Lions.Though he was in a sister Sqn flying the same aircraft …Marut ,we were like close knit family members which included stalwarts like Late SK Singh, Keru, Sam sekhar,Shuk’s,Randy,JP to name a few !Hargo was part of all our activities after working hours which was mainly safaries to Kailana lake area or Pokhran in search of food !!!! I often fondly remember those days and loved every moment of my stay in Jodhpur.
    Farewell my friend to happy hunting grounds!

  4. Suresh says:

    Will miss you Bhav, especially our evenings at juhu army club! RIP ……shanta

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