Calling all budding authors

Reproducing below mail from Kuku Thakur. Please also pass on to anyone or Group that you may have in mind.


“Geopolitics is looking for contribution for its Air Force Day issue (submission deadline mid Sep).

Some of the topics they have in mind are listed below but the editor is open to ideas that fit in with the theme.

There is much writing talent with rich IAF experience in the Marut Fans group; any of them could make a fine contribution, and get some some pocket money for some fine beer. Their editor, Prakash Nanda, can be directly contacted at

I was wondering, if you would like to share this information on the mailing list?

Best Regards,


Open Topics

· A review of the ongoing projects of the IAF such as MAFI, FGFA, MTA, LCA, AMCA, IJT etc

· What are IAF’s plans with regard to its ISR requirements and what procurement plans are under work right now in this critical sector?

· Air Force fighter and transport fleet is undergoing massive up gradation. The AN 32, Jaguars, Su 30s, Air Defence Equipments. An indepth story that how is this upgradation happening and what is it going to bring for Air Force

· Training is the backbone of any armed force. In the recent time Air Force has been in the middle of controversies related to its training of the rookie pilots. The basic trainers had been a cause of worry. Then the Intermediate Jet Trainer/ Kiran are about to complete their service periods. Air Force is also shifting towards the Simulator supported training. This story will critically analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of training and also the evaluation of equipments”


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