So what if its been a long time!

To cut a long story short – here I am – for better or worse!

To be honest, have long felt guilt at neglecting the blog. Yet with a blank mind for a note pad all I did do, occasionally, was stare at a blank screen. Having started doubting my sanity at this oddity, I accepted the inevitable. I was not contributing anything to the blog as I had nothing to say. You can’t beat that logic! That was my Eureka moment.  All guilt ebbed.

What actually brought about the return of the prodigal, was a wonderful and most pleasant surprise, an email from AM Pramod Athawale, PVSM, AVSM, VSM (Retd). A much loved and remembered MarutFan. Pramod, after his recent retirement in 2011, as AOC-in-C, Maintenance Command,  had been busy scribbling his memoirs. Pramod has generously shared some portions of his vast experience. More interestingly, he has in his incredibly smooth flowing and interesting  style, written about his first toddler steps in the Service with the Marut family.

For starters, heres the cover portion to be followed in the next few days with his Marut stories – including his experience and the all too familiar and popular personalities of that era. It’s fascinating!

Athawale - IAF Maintenance cover

AI-AthawalePlease click on the images to enlarge. 


One Response to So what if its been a long time!

  1. Dara says:

    Received in an email from Pramod:
    “Thanks for enabling me to reach out to Marutfans.

    As I said earlier, the book was not intended to be a biography, but primarily meant to trigger a shift in thinking.

    And, the human aspect of leadership (as also the earlier chapter on Work Force) being so vital for alignment with organisational goals, was essential to write about. Marut examples came to mind most naturally because of those toddler steps so aptly described by you.

    Looking back, I feel I could have included examples of the Marut bonhomie and the spirit of cooperation where despite shortage the starting air bottle trolleys were shared generously. But, would it then become a book on Maruts?”

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