Wg Cdr Sanjai Kumar Singh (Retd) – RIP March 24, 2013


AM Inoo Inamdar

A journey that started in Calcutta, on 24th June, 1941, ended in Delhi on 24th March, 2013, when SK passed away very early this morning, at the Army R & R Hospital. His adopted family, Omvir Singh & Gajendra Singh, have been camping here and are at the hospital now. His younger and only brother RK Singh (Bhalu) is reaching here from Ludhiana, shortly. SK has no other immediate family and no distant or extended family that I know of or he ever spoke about. 

Here for week from Udaipur for his medical review after his last hospitalization in December, SK had a multi-organ failure yesterday, starting with an irregular heart and congested lungs on the 22nd; that’s when he was rushed to the ICU from the ward. The last I could meet & speak with him was on 22nd night, in the ICU. Lying there all wired & tubed-up, he was suddenly a transformed man: all that anxiety, mental stress and visible discomfort of the preceding years and months seemed to have suddenly melted away completely and he was once again, after many days, back to being his witty and mischievous old self of yore during the short while the duty MO agreed to remove his oxygen mask for him to be able to talk to me! He thanked me & all his course-mates profusely for their munificent and unstinting support, made light of his impending departure, bid us all a cheery ‘good bye’ and asked me to tell you all to let him know your ‘eta there’, so that he would be on hand to welcome you, as & when!! Winked at me & gave me weak ‘thumbs up’  as they put the mask back on; I sat there for another 15 min holding his hand till he dozed off…never to regain consciousness again!! There wasn’t a trace of the broken & tormented SK of the preceding months in the man who appeared to have finally made his peace with himself and the world….knowingly & in full control of his mental faculty! I instantly knew it was now just a matter of days……..if not hours! 

That lingering, beatific smile on his lips as he lapsed into sleep, was one of the most beautiful sights in my memory! And now, the most haunting!

SK is gone folks, after a long & heroic fight with health, circumstances & people. I hope & pray he gets his FULL dues in his afterlife for the creative mind, phenomenally uncommon brain & multiple talents he possessed……something he was unfortunately denied in his lifetime!

Darshan Bhatt, MD, M.Phil.

Consultant: Patient Safety & Pharmacovigilance

Sorry to lose a thorough gentleman and a good teacher in my initiation into squadron life.

Will always remember him as such.

Wing Cdr Sudhir Batra

It was with sadness, I read the news of SK’s demise. 
My association with SK was when I joined Maruts at Pune.  He was staying in No 2 Officers Mess with his mother.  We all used to get together in evenings at lawns of Officer Mess and have gupshup etc.. Later, both moved to 220 Sqn on its re-equipment with Marut.  We learnt a lot from him about Marut.  Later he went to AFTC for technical course.  He was not released for 71 war due to training commitment.  He joined Maruts after graduation and was working at technical officer in addition to doing his training. 

No words can be more appropriate to sum up SK than what Inoo Sir has written.
SK is gone folks, after a long & heroic fight with health, circumstances & people.

My heartfelt condolences on his sad demise.


One Response to Wg Cdr Sanjai Kumar Singh (Retd) – RIP March 24, 2013

  1. Samrat says:

    Dear SK. Remembering you and raising a toast today! Thanks for your friendship.

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