Gp Capt AK Datta Vr C (Retd) – RIP


Gp Capt AK ‘Buzz’ Datta passed away this morning, in Pune, following multiple complications arising from a long standing lung disease. He had been confined to his home, due to his breathing problems, requiring constant Oxygen intake for the last few months. Subsequently further problems caused him to be confined to bed and was shifted to the ICU a few weeks back. He never recovered. Sheila, his son Sherry and daughter Corina were with him towards the end.



Buzz was with us in Bangalore last year and  used to be a regular and keen golfer, even though he had recently taken up the game. Always gentle, unassuming and cheerful he had the gift of making friends and always being the first to welcome new people to a group.


Though briefly associated with Marut itself,  Buzz was closely associated with the Marut crowd during the December, 1971. He was part of the MiG – 21 detachment at Uttarlai providing air defence cover to the Maruts operating from there. It was also there that he got his F-104 kill.


On behalf of all MarutFans, we offer our heartfelt condolences to Sheila and the family.









One Response to Gp Capt AK Datta Vr C (Retd) – RIP

  1. Sudhir Batra says:

    It was a very sad news to hear that Buzz is no more. We had a great interaction during Marut Golden Jubilee at Bangalore. I had been associated with him during our Uttarlai days (Ops Cactus Lily )
    My heartfelt condolences to Sheila and the family.

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