Yester Year – Revisiting Bangalore

Lighting the Lamps at the Technical Session, 16 Jun 11

All the old war horses at the inaugural session

Air Mshl Shashi Ramdas recounting his Marut experiences

All dem Marut jocks from Jodhpur

Dinner at The Pauls 15 Jun 11


Usual culprits at their usual haunt

Who asked him in?

Dinner at Meriien hosted by HAL 16 Jun


The smell of the food seems to have got to him

Spanners all

Old, old friends

So many jolly good fellows

Casuals, Shirt & Tie, Suited Booted. Remember the heated discussion about dress code?

The Press Corps?

Presenting Signed Panel to HAL


The Whole Jing Bang Lot


Grand Finale, ASTE Mess – 17 Jun 11

Valet Service also provided

But why is he smiling so much? Who wouldn’t!

Dear Bobby ….

Yeh sub Bhushan ka kamal tha

Golden Oldies!


Oh my! Oh my! And at his age too


If your photograph is not there hope your signature is here

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2 Responses to Yester Year – Revisiting Bangalore

  1. mathurkc says:

    Dara sir, you’ve revived old memories,now pay for it by planning another one as soon as you possibly can. Anil

  2. Tony Garg says:

    Good on you Dara.

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