Sam Sekhar’s Kahanis from the Marut Handi IX


The tallest Flying Officer in the Marut fleet returns from his Annual Leave.
He has a completely different look about him.
He has a lilt in his voice.
He has a jaunty walk.
He is grinning from ear to ear all the time.
There is a glint in his eye and he is walking on “CLOUD NINE”.
There is much speculation in the “FLIGHTS” as to his malady.
Many theories are floated and BOBCAT nails it by concluding “Ravi got LUCKY”.
All  agree.

To get back to business, he is given a dual check and launched on a General Handling Solo sortie.
The A C P Pilot on duty is the second shortest Marut Pilot in the fleet.
All goes well in the sortie and Ravi joins circuit and calls down wind and confirms THREE GREENS. He turns finals and the ACP confirms his wheels are down and he is cleared to land. As Ravi enters the phase of short short finals “Eagle eyed FIDO sees the undercarriage being retracted and immediately commands Ravi to go around in a very authoritative voice. Ravi complies and this time on downwind he is asked to check and recheck three GREENS and come for an undercarriage check.
Ravi does the pass and he is told the famous words “Your wheels appear to down and locked”. The next circuit and landing is uneventful.

As soon as Ravi switches off, his aircraft is surrounded by the Marut Bureau of Investigation (MBI).
Before the turbines come to a stop or you can say “Kuldip Singh Bajwa“ the aircraft is pushed into the hanger. The aircraft is jacked up and the hydraulic trolley is connected.
Immediately “ELLIOT NESS” and his two trusty “UNTOUCHABLES” commence recycling the “BHATINDA” out of the undercarriage.

Bobcat lands and enters the hanger to complete after landing formalities with the FORM-700. He takes in the sight of the aircraft on jacks and the constant recycling in process. Sight to behold are the bodies draped around the cockpit of the aircraft. Two bodies on either side of the cockpit and one perched on the canopy. Only the lower torsos (BUTTOCKS) of the three bodies are visible as the upper torsos are well inside the cockpit.
He spots Ravi and FIDO standing far away close to the hanger doors.
He ambles over to them and decides to make some polite conversation.

Bobcat: Well Ravi how went the annual leave.
Ravi☹ With a perplexed look on his face: Good Sam had a really good time.
Bobcat: Did you make some new acquaintances?
Ravi: Oh Boy did I ever meet a few GOODIES.
Bobcat: I gather from your smile that they were all lassies.
Ravi: Yes siree Bob they sure were as you said it.
Bobcat: I presume one in particular struck your fancy.
Ravi: Yes, yes and yes.
Bobcat: I presume this was because of her Big Big Beautiful eyes.
Ravi: Turning RED yes, yes and yes.

Bobcat smoothly switches gears and asks Ravi to get back to his general handling sortie.
He tells him to close his eyes and imagine the first time he was on downwind.
Ravi closes his eyes and says “I got it I can see myself in the cockpit on downwind.” Bobcat tells Ravi to raise his right hand and place his palm on his forehead.
Ravi complies.
Bobcat tells Ravi to wipe away gently the image that is foremost on his mind. Ravi rubs his forehead a few times and tells Bobcat that the image is gone and he is back in the cockpit on downwind.

Bobcat asks Ravi that when you lowered the undercarriage on downwind “Did you ensure that you depressed the button on the right of the lever and pulled back the lever fully back till it was at the stop.”
Ravi goes into a trance and concentrates and after a minute or two says ”You know Sam I don’t think so because I had the other IMAGE foremost on my mind at that particular time.”
All three have a good laugh.
Bobcat tells Ravi not to tell the MBI investigators and let them figure it out.

The MBI report said that for some reason the undercarriage lever did not hit the back stop completely and so it moved forward involuntarily and the up cycle commenced.

FIDO is commended for his sharp eyes and prompt action in saving a would be belly flop. But no Cigar (V.M.).

The three ostrich investigators were pilots without any Engineering/Medical degrees and were looking for the virus that was grown in a petri dish and entered as a Gremlin in the undercarriage circuitry.

For those of us who are slow on the uptake I have pictorially illustrated the exact image that was on Ravi’s mind at the time he lowered the undercarriage. Hope your eyesight is sharp as ever. P.S. Elliot Ness was the FBI agent who got Al Capone. His special team was called the “UNTOUCHBLES”

© Copyright Sam Sekhar and Marutfans. All rights reserved. Reproduction or distribution of this article in any form without the express written permission of the author is prohibited.


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