Is Mythology really a myth – 3? SK Singh


About a month later, I went back to the Naval Hospital in Bombay for my final check up. To my pleasant surprise both Zuthsi and Prakash were there. This time I was not there for very long as it was more of a formality rather than anything else. In the evenings Prakash and I would have long chats over the events of the last month during the period that I was away in Jamnagar.

During this period Prakash had been able to get some leave and had driven down to Coimbatore or perhaps Madras, I am not sure, with an air Force couple who were driving down in their car and had asked him to accompany them. On the way, one day around noon they passed a temple, close to the road, a fairly large temple, where the couple stopped to pray. They asked Prakash if he would like to come up to the main temple but he declined, preferring to stand below the flight of steps leading up to the main temple. Looking around idly, he glanced up towards the temple and at the top of the stairs he saw a Sadhu standing there looking down at him, with a smile on his face. Their eyes met. At that instant Prakash felt that he had left his body and he saw the whole universe. He said that he just could not describe what he felt and saw. In that flash of a moment he seemed to have found the answer to the Universe. Who he was, what he was and what the whole Cosmos was about. He said that it all happened in the flash of a second, when time stopped, and then he was back to normal. He then went up to this Sadhu and spoke to him. The conversation was quite long so I am going to give the gist of it. Apparently this was the gentleman who was writing those letters to him. I am a bit confused about the exact text of the conversation. But I am absolutely certain that Prakash asked him if he was his Guru, but the Sadhu said “no, I am not your Guru”. When Prakash pressed him further asking him then as to who was his real Guru and how was he to find him, the Sadhu relied to the effect that “you cannot find your Guru, your Guru will find you”. By this time the couple had returned so Prakash too came back to the car and they drove off.

Some time after this incident, Prakash went back to the Chaya Shastra, this time with a hundred and one rupees, for the full session, which lasted a good five hours. Armed with a pen and notebook he made a note of all the dates and the important events that were expected to take place in the days to come. In other words he made a complete note of everything for his reference.

After the usual going out and standing in the sun, and the calculations, the pundit took out the Patras pertaining to him, and began to read them out while Prakash began to make a note of what all he was saying. On reading the predictions written on the Patras, the pundit was very surprised and he remarked that in the last five generations this was the first time that such a set of predictions had come out. When Prakash asked him as to what was so unique about his predictions, the pundit remarked that as per the writings in that set, he had no future birth. He said, “according to what is written here, you have no future birth. That means you are not going to be born again! In other words you are going to achieve Moksha in this life!!”

This came as a bit of a surprise to Prakash as he had no such ambitions and was not very keen on such things. Anyway they had this massive session and Prakash just kept jotting the events down, and at the end of it all he came back to the ward. A few days later I landed up there, and he confided all that had happened to him in the time that I was away. We had long discussions on this subject, and both us were quite puzzled and wondered whether there was any truth in all of this or was it just some mumbo jumbo. Neither of us could figure out what this was all about. The only conclusion both of us came to (at least I did) that there was more to it than met the eye, and did not seem a hoax. The only thing left was to check out the whole thing by tallying actual events with what was predicted in the days to come. One did not have to wait very long in order to verify all this, because in the coming week, the precise day was given, he was supposed to go down south. On the other hand he had already received his posting orders to Naval Headquarters, New Delhi to take up his new assignment!! The note book said south while his posting orders said north. So in a week’s time we would know what it was all about and if the predictions would come true or not.

It was also predicted that he would be leaving his job very soon, I think it said about two years from then. Another thing I do remember is that by the time he would come into his late thirties, he would have achieved enlightenment, and that he would be in an ashram in Rishikesh or would set up his own ashram. Also that around this time he would be in a position to leave his body, that is die when ever he wanted to, and he would have the desire to do so, but he would be prevailed upon by his disciples not to. And he would continue to reside in his ashram till he reached the age of 52 or 55 and that he would be cremated on the banks of the Ganges in Rishikesh at 4 in the afternoon, of this time I am absolutely certain.

He and I had some very powerful reasons for not taking these predictions very lightly because when he took the whole Rs 101 session, his entire fainting episode on board the ship, his being unconscious, his paralysis, his inability to speak on gaining consciousness etc were all mentioned in the Patras very clearly. How on earth all that could be recorded on those Patras is/was beyond our comprehension. He is sure that he was not hypnotized or any such thing. And why Zuthsi should take part in such an elaborate hoax makes no sense at all, because he was the only one who knew about Prakash’s illness, about his fainting, his paralysis, his loss of speech and all that. Just did not make any sense.

What was written in the Patras was that at this age which coincided, he would lose his senses, would fall into a deep sleep ( which he did, in that he was in a coma) and when he would wake up he would not be able to speak or move. That after some time he would be able to do so, etc etc. all tallying with what actually happened. This was because in his last life, in a fit of rage, he had slapped a young Brahmin boy who had then put a curse on him. It was also written that he would have achieved Moksha in his previous birth itself, but he had had a minor disagreement with his guru, because of which he had to take birth again, and that he would have to go through this life before he finally achieved Moksha.

This is where my story ends.

Three days before the acid-test, I left for Jamnagar, so I could not confirm whether he went North or South as predicted. After coming back to Jamnagar I got back into the thick of flying and I lost touch, not bothering to follow-up and reestablishing contact with him and finding out what happened after that. Did he go on to become the Naval Chief or did he go on to Rishikesh and finally achieve Moksha? I don’t know. But today I do want to know. Hence this long elaborate story ending with a very earnest request to all my Air force friends to find out from The Naval Head Quarters as to who this officer was and what happened to him. This should not be too difficult because at the time of this incident there was only one Hydrographic ship around the Indian Coast, doing a survey of the seabed. And the incident of a Naval Officer having a stroke on board the ship, and that too while on duty, would not have gone un-noticed. I am sure all that would be on record somewhere. So please take this seriously and help me resolve the issue once and for all. Many thanks

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