Low flying was permitted all day long in those days and most sorties were not below 30 feet.

A Marut pilot and his wife are dropped off at the railway station early in the morning by his two friends on his way to Bombay on annual leave.

Flying proceeds normally in the Marut fleet.

Two months later the officer returns from annual leave. This officer makes a bee-line to the authorization book and commences to make notes. He enters the crew room and spots Bobcat and Cheetah.

He turns to Bobcat you were flying BD844 and you made six passes. He then goes to explain in clinical detail each pass. He concludes by saying Bobcat in all passes your canopy was well above the roof of the train.

He then turns to Cheetah and says you were flying D1245 and boy all your six passes were at my eye level in the train. He concludes his clinical debrief with a salute to Cheetah.

In all this, he failed to notice the flight commander quietly finishing his  breakfast of DATHIKARA BUJIA in the corner. Both, Bobcat and Cheetah, were then summoned to his office.

The next four weeks of the Base Ops duty roster had only two names on it.



One Response to Sam Sekhar’s KAHANIS FROM THE MARUT HANDI – VI

  1. Shashi Ramdas says:

    Partners in Crime!!! But the Salt of the Earth!!!
    Wish there were more of these made in the same mould.
    More power to you, you great Cats!!!

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