Greetings From SK

“Firstly, I would like to convey my good wishes and ‘Seasons Greetings’ to the whole family, and also to all the Members of our little Club and their families too.
This is a little early in the day, I know, but as I may be going out off the Net by the end of this week ,I thought it would be wiser that I  convey the Season’s greetings to all my friends out there, somewhere, while I still could.
The second is that I would like to thank all those who responded to my little story about Tail sliding on the Marut. I tried to reply to each one of them, but it seems that my Computer is a bit averse to excessive fibbing on my part, so it kept throwing up on my face, not allowing my replies to get through. Hence this resorting to a somewhat circuitous way of replying to all of them.
What I wanted to say in reply is that I am gratified to see that people still have strong links with the Marut and flying in general. Their enthusiastic and painstaking replies show it. The idea of writing about the episode was to get people to come out with their own little stories, of not only incidents they had with the Marut but also with other aircraft that they flew. Specially those incidents that they, perhaps wisely, did not talk about during their service career, discretion being the better part of valor and that sort of thing, but all that does not matter now. And I am sure that none of us would be averse to reliving those flying days, even if it is through some one else’s experiences. I know that a lot of the “Very Senior” lot would be too busy to take the time off, to let us more plebian lot, have the benefit of their ‘episodes’, but if they do, it would be very nice. And I would have achieved my objective.
With that, I will close for the day.
With regards,

3 Responses to Greetings From SK

  1. Gp Capt (Retd) P K Raghavan says:

    Hi, EssKay sir!
    This is Rags (Raghavan, same course as Vicky Sheorey, ‘Thud’ Dwivedi and late Anand Wagh; the ‘last’ of the lucky ones to fly the ‘first twin-fighters’!). Read your account of a tail-slide on the Marut and was reminded of something similar that I went through, with you (in the trainer)! Wonder if you remember? Maybe you recollect that I used to be your ‘spotter’ on the CO’s Jonga, when you took us blue-bull or sand grouse hunting…. I still remember why you felt that partridges are like Bongs!
    My log book reads, 23 Apr 81, Ac No. 1691, HF-24(T), Sqn Ldr S K Singh – Self, Airtest, 0:55 mins. You had put me in the front seat, despite my meagre 25 odd hours on type. And I remember your query, with a twinkle in your eyes, “What’s the ceiling of this ac, Rags?” And I parroted the officially cleared ceiling of 36,000 odd ft, due to some incident(s?) of centre-line compressor fracture(s?), if I remember right. You then said, “We’ll see about that, won’t we?”
    And I kept wondering what that was all about, until you made me accelerate to max speed at 30,000 odd ft and asked me to pull up smoothly and hold a near vertical attitude. If my memory serves me right, we continued like that until something like 43,000 ft or so, when you asked me to recover, with rudder and bank (and “forward pressure, forward pressure, don’t let her slap on her back!”) to the right. We kinda fell out of the sky, in something akin to a stall turn. Then, one by one, both the engines (right, followed by the left) packed up, the right one with a loud thud and the left with a muted thud. While I was almost in shock, you told me to “smoothly throttle back, watch the JPT, and don’t be in a hurry to relight. Relax, she’ll re-start, but we’ll do it below 20,000 ft, OK?” And sure enough, she did…..and we carried on, proved the engine a few times and even practiced a few aerobatic manoeuvres!! [One other senior made me do a full fledged tail slide on the MiG-21 trainer, and attempted to show me how to recover (in the name of learning to respect ‘Alpha’ or angle of attack)…..then Gp Capt D N Rathore, my COO at Adampur, in 1983. He was quite foxed, when I told him I knew what to do and did it fairly successfully! Thanks to you and your ‘ceiling lesson’!]
    Who can forget you, Esskay sir? The stories we’d heard about you and the Marut, as well as your presence in the Squadron (Lions, with Dinky sir as CO) when you rejoined us, flying with you in the trainer (am lucky, 6 times in 18 duals on the Marut!) were great learning experiences, not just in flying, but in leadership and professionalism.
    Great recounting, sir! Waiting to hear more of your stuff …especially like the one about you, the FPD Dett and the C-in-C?!! (We’ve only heard it second or third-hand……….from the horse’s mouth would be great reading!)
    — Warm regards, — Rags

  2. sk says:

    Thanks Dara for your very sincere and warm wishes.May the coming years bring you more and more joys in life.Regards,SK

  3. Dara says:

    Dear SK,

    Thank you for your very warm and sincere wishes and the very best to you and yours.

    I just wish that you find some way to be able to stay in touch with us. You will most certainly be sorely missed.

    Look forward to hearing from you again – I am sure we will.

    Best wishes and regards,

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