India In The Sky

Got this in a mail.

Maybe this is old hat to many of you. It’s the first time I’ve seen it. All I can say is that “I am pretty damn impressed”

INDIAN AIR FORCE, no one else can do it…… 

Hats off to the dedicated team and Pilots of IAF, no one else can do it. India in the Sky...... Splendid Work! - by Indian Air Force


3 Responses to India In The Sky

  1. batrasc says:

    I fully agree that photo like this cannot be created but produced by photoshop type tools. It is good to be a patriot but not like this….

  2. Gp Capt Kapil Bhargava (Retd) says:


    Please do not be fooled by this hoax. This is not only old had but it is a bad hat – a simple Photoshop exercise. There is no way aircraft can produce such a smoke pattern, including a fair impression of Gujarat and Bangladesh.

    Let us see what other MarutFans have to say.

    If you are looking for material for the blog, let me know what type and I will try and find some genuine stuff for you.

    With best wishes and regards,
    Kapil Bhargava

    • Dara says:

      Thank you sir for enlightening me.

      As for looking for material for the blog – yes sir, I am indeed interested. Have always been looking for material and have been requesting, exhorting, begging and pleading for contributions for the last two years and more.

      As in the past, look forward to your inputs on any interesting aspect pertaining to Service life, the Marut and connected human interest material..


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