The statute of limitations having run its course there is absolutely no possibility of any Court Martials.


This kahani is set in the days when one designation was called “Oh I See Flying”. This Wing Commander was posted to this post and he arrived solo with two Pomeranian dogs in tow and was living in the officers mess. He instructed the Mess catering staff to ensure that two square meals were provided to each dog and to make sure that lots of meat and bones were the order of the day. Dogs were eating well and all was quiet on the western front.

 In due course of time new Mess members were voted in and thus entered the (DRAGON) newly elected Food Member. Having a detective genealogy it soon came to his attention that  the quantum of food being provided to the dogs was not in direct proportion to the extra messing charges. Being a man of strong convictions he let it be known in crew room circles that this preposterous miniscule charges would soon be sorted out.

 Two Marut aviators sat him down and explained the senior officer’s RULES OF ADJUST. In the Air Force, the Managers and senior Managers had no official perks authorized like in the Corporate Sector. So the innovative senior officers had their own formula for ADJUST and took advantage as per the lay of the land. The two aviators advised him to let the dogs eat heartily.

 The food member would not hear of this disparity and in the next mess bill charged the Oh I See Flying a hefty sum in three digits in his extra messing account. Both parties cried foul and they went into arbitration and the powers that be reduced the total amount. But it was still in three figures. We closed the curtain and life went on.

 The Oh I See Flying had an office on the ground floor of the ATC building and had a huge bay window which gave him a magnificent view of the humongous tarmac. On a fine sunny day an old Gooney Bird (which was the VIP aircraft of NO 1 Ops Group) hove into view and switched off. Out jumped the same food member with a dog in his arms and he also had quite a quantum of luggage in the form of two extra large steel trunks. The Oh I See Flying was out of his office and into his Jonga in a flash instructing his trusty Adjutant to meet him at the Gooney Bird with the Senior Logistics Officer and the Senior Accounts Officer. It was revealed that the food member was on casual leave and was not authorized to travel by the service aircraft.

 The food member was weighed along with his dog and the two steel trunks and was duly charged CIVIL AIR RATES for the same in four figures.It was confirmed that the next four 1517’s of the food member (Monthly Pay Slips) had a negative symbol in front.

 Rumor has it that the Oh I See Flying was breaking out in to a Rajasthani gig every time he saw the food member.

Our grateful thanks to Sambo for breaking the drought on the blog these last few months. Hopefully others will follow his example.

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2 Responses to Sam Sekhar’s KAHANIS FROM THE MARUT HANDI – I

  1. Dara says:

    Sent by Anil Mathur:

    “Sam sir,
    u sure do have an amazing knack of putting across anecdotes in the funniest of ways. Ur write up on your ejection was also very well

  2. Cherry says:

    Sambooooo …..ooooooo ,

    Psingh and Feroooooz must be sneezing away to glory !!!!

    Good One Boooooo Regards Cherry

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