Sqn Ldr Hufrid N Mulla – Feroze – RIP

It is at times like these that maintaining the blog becomes a most painful duty.

Wg Cdr HND Mulla-Feroze ( Mulla) to all of us passed away following a cardiac arrest yesterday afternoon – 11 Oct 11 a day of double tragedies..

A truly colourful character, he is more famous for his prisoner of war escapades in 1971. We had been neighbours in Jodhpur in the mid 70s and remember them more specifically as ardent dog lovers and foster parents to our own pets.

Colourful as he was, Hufrid took time making friends but once one got to know him, he was a good solid friend. Had tried to convince him to attend the functions at Bangalore but he could not make the time off from his work. He has also made some interesting contributions to the blog, his most popular post being a tribute to the very aircraft that brought  us all together here – “The First Time I saw the Marut”.

To Khurshid, Ashiana and his extended family we offer our sincerest condolences. Mulla will most certainly be missed.

In sorrow.

The Marut Fraternity



8 Responses to Sqn Ldr Hufrid N Mulla – Feroze – RIP

  1. mathew samuel says:

    i met wg cdr mulla firoz in “caw” Secunderabad…..by Mathew samuel tehelka

  2. CKK Menon says:

    I met Mulla in the late ’70s in Jodhpur. He then was a bubbly young man, never at a loss for words. I enjoyed reading his postings in MarutFans. It was apparent that he still was his joyous self. He has gone early to meet his Maker, like all good people do. I hope he did not suffer much towards the end. My sincere condolences to, and prayers for his family and close friends.

  3. Sudhir Batra says:

    Another colourful person gone. We were together in Jodhpur for some time. He was FAC near Chor sector, when he was taken POW.

    My condolences to his family.

  4. JP Singh says:

    This is shocking….and a double whammy..Baldy and Hufrid in one day..This is the price one pays for instant connection on internet !Any one has Khurshid’s contact no. ?

  5. Mal says:

    We were posted as instructors at Bidar in 1985. Renuka and I have fond memories of Khurshid’s hospitality and Hufrid’s bonhomie. May his soul rest in peace. Our thoughts are with Khurshid and Ashiana at this moment.
    Mal and Renuka

  6. jagbag says:

    God Bless His Soul! My condolences to his family… He was a very energetic instructor who tried his best for his pupils.

    Rest in peace Hufrid sir it was a great experience flying with you and i salute you!

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