Heady Days

A collection of photographs from 1835 to the heady days of India’s independence. Some of these pictures were forwarded by Gp Capt CKK Menon sometime ago as a Power Point Presentation “India Rarest Pictures”. The others were sent to me in an email.

Lord Mountbatten being received in India by Nehru and Liaqat Ali Khan 22 Mar 47

The Horror of Partition

Even Libraries were partitioned

Mahatma Gandhi at a public meeting

Midnight 15 Aug 47: Swearing in Ceremony

Function following the swearing in: Mountbatten, Nehru, Dr Rajendra Prasad

Morning 15 Aug 47

Raising the Tricolour

Free India

30 Jan 48 - A stunned Calcutta

His Final Journey

Crowds At The Funeral

Chacha Nehru distributing sweets

Free India's First Election

15 Aug 71

One Response to Heady Days

  1. Just a few days back, there was a program on TV prominently featuring Sqn.Ldr. Baldev Singh. It took us back to Bangalore get together and the display of LAC flown by him.
    Not realizing that after a few days such a sad news will be posted on the blog.
    May his soul rest in piece and we get to see the aircraft in squadron service. His proud moment.

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