Air Cmde SK Majumdar – RIP


Received on email. A moving tribute.
Air. Cdre. S.K.Majumdar passed away, a few days back, on Wednesday the 20th July, ’11. In the first attachment you can see a write-up about him written by Seema Harkauli.
We never crossed paths in our Service career. I met him for the first time after I joined a French company. He was based in Delhi and I was in Bangalore. After I got to know him I told him,” Sir, we may be colleagues but as far as I am concerned you are my boss”. The reason for this was that apart from him being very senior to me he was a person of very high integrity, honesty and extremely patriotic. He had a good sense of humour and was a great story teller.
I wrote one of his stories in the local newspaper which I have attached to this mail.
May his soul rest in peace.
( Wg.Cdr.H.R.Seetharam ) Retd.
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5 Responses to Air Cmde SK Majumdar – RIP

  1. debashism says:

    Wg.Cdr.H.R.Seetharam (Retd).

    Dear Sir,
    Will it be possible for you to licence the copyright of your aforesaid article for the limited purpose of it being used in the Wikipedia article on Air. Cdre. S.K.Majumdar.

    If you are ready then you can get in touch with me at:

    Thanking you.


    -Debashis Mukherjee,
    Advocate, Supreme Court of India
    [I happen to be the grandson of his sister who stayed in Asansol]
    Member, WikiMedia Foundation India

    • Dara says:

      Dear Debashis,

      As I it is quite likely that Wg Cdr Seetharam may not see your comment I am emailing it to him and he will I am sure get back to you positively.

      With best wishes and regards,


  2. Gp Capt Prabal Malaker(Retd) says:

    I had the honour and privilege of knowing and interacting with Air Cmde Majumdar(Retd) personally as he was my father’s closest friend.His eldest son Dr Subir Majumdar was my classmate in school and we all reside at Mandakini Enclave, Alaknanda, New Delhi. I was present for his cremation as well as all post death ceremonies. He was truly of the old school -forthright and confident, with a calm composure and a dead pan sense of humour.He was epitome of an officer and a gentleman. We will certainly miss him. Our thoughts are with his family at this time.May his soul rest in peace

  3. Dara says:

    More about Air Cmde Majumdar from Wg Cdr HR Seetharam:

    “On one of his flights he had to carry the Defence Minister V.K.Krishna Menon and his entourage. On the return flight Krisna Menon wanted to give a lift to two more persons. Moju ( as was called affectionately ) refused. Krishna Menon was very angry that a young pilot had refused the Defence Minister! He walked to Moju, took out his pen and shouted at him,” Is it OK if I fill this pen with ink?”, as if that small additional weight mattered. Maju looked at him calmly and said,” Only if it is half full.” Krishna Menon just huffed and went away. The helicopter took off without the two persons!”

  4. Dara says:

    Comment sent by Air Cmde VK Murthy on email:

    “Majumdar was my Instructer at FIS in 1953 when he left for USA for Helicopter Conversion. He left his car Vaxhual with me till he came back. I came back as Staff at FIS in 1956.
    We were closly associated again at Jorhat, when I was OC No 101 Sqn and he was OC Helicopter Sqn.
    He was a charming person and joined every Sqn Party. Though a non drinker, he kept his Spirits Up, with his jokes anectodes and adventures.
    Honest to the core, frank and upright in his attitude with others. He took no nonsense and did not hesitate to tell others if they were wrong. Very few could emulate his example.
    May his soul rest in Peace.”

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