What a blast!

To all those who eagerly await news of the re-union at Bangalore, please hold your horses!

At this stage of our lives, it is not easy to recover from a flurry of parties, events and travel. Suffice for now to say, that the arrangements, hospitality and comforts that the HAL provided for us were super and they have our gratitude.

And then of course there was Bhushan – single mindedly and with tremendous zeal and effort, he organised the party on the 16th and the ASTE do on the 18th besides being there to listen to all of us gripe and pour out our problems – he was there for us all – steady as a rock.

Very briefly – a grand time was had by all. Just to give the impatient ones a preview here are some shots:

Three Original Marut veterans - Bobby, Keru. Sis at the party on 16th evening


Air Mshl Shashi Ramdas at the morning session at HAL - 17 Jun 11











A mixed bag of the originals and the famous - Inder, Valerie Tilak, Sadhna, Lolly and Su. In the background, the legendary Chuchu Tilak












Fido, St Francis, Atul and Steve at the party on 18th at ASTE lawns











Birthday boy Suree Rao and his cake 18 Jun 11

More later after I catch up on my sleep!




3 Responses to What a blast!

  1. Gp Capt Kapil Bhargava (Retd) says:

    May I request all those who write anything about the Celebration of The Golden Anniversary of the Maiden Flight of HF-24 to refrain from calling it a Reunion. It was NOT (Repeat NOT) one. It was unlike the Reunions in Mumbai and Jodhpur and will be different to the mentioned by someone for the next year. Veterans did not plan and run it. It was HAL all the way with a generous injection of effort and funds. Perhaps the dinner parties of 16 and 18 June (2011) might loosely qualify for the term but surely not the rest. Calling HAL’s magnificent handling of the Celebration a Reunion, to my mind, only devalues it.

    • Dara says:

      For the record. There was absolutely no intention on my part to either devalue or in any way underplay the effort or the heart warming hospitality on the part of HAL and all those involved in making the events a resounding success which all of us will cherish and of which we carry wonderful memories. I know I speak for the complete Marut fraternity when I say this.

      I sincerely hope that everyone who reads the complete coverage of all the events will understand the true spirit in which all this has been written – regardless of a loose or stray word or phrase.

  2. Latika says:

    An amazing pic of Unc Ramdas!

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