Whiskey drinking

Courtesy Sudhir Batra,

“I know you will enjoy this and try it during Marut celebrations

Cheers !
How to drink whisky – Master Blender Richard Paterson shows How

One Response to Whiskey drinking

  1. sc batra says:

    Mini sir reply

    No wonder Dr Mallalya is always in high spirits!

    I have added this limerick below. Hope you enjoy it:

    A beautiful blend of scotch by Mackay

    Should be handled delicately they say

    Gentle, caring, a sensual approach

    Like courting a dame. But at my age? Ouch!

    Won’t start what I can’t finish; ain’t no way!

    Master Blender Dick Paterson fairly bristled,

    “You old sod though you may be mightily grizzled

    Try a peg or two of my blended Scotch whiskey

    You will soon start feeling warm and quite frisky

    No more down your pants will you drizzle or fizzle”.

    So that’s what I intend to do MarutFans

    Swig a dozen or two of blended Scotch brands

    Later if you find that I have turned quite stiff

    Pour a peg down my whistle just for a whiff

    And if I don’t rise strike up the funeral bands.

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