The Marut Story – 1: Infancy

Over the last months I had made a presentation to be shown in Bangalore on the Marut history. However, since that is not to be, I thought of putting up the individual slides here. The idea was to create a brief pictorial history of the Marut Story. Since I already have the full presentation, self running with audio, I can put on it a CD and pass on to anyone interested enough and hand it over in Bangalore – so please feel free to ask.

I would like to clarify that this is not an official record but is a collection of information and facts that I have managed to gather from various individuals, their experiences and also what I have read in published material. Any discrepancies that are there are entirely of my own doing.

10 May 1964

Please click on the images to enlarge.

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One Response to The Marut Story – 1: Infancy

  1. PS Sanadi says:

    Dear Sir,
    Could I have a copy of the CD. Super Photographs Regards, Prakash

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