Pictures From the Lions Reunion

In addition to the official function of the Award of Presidential Standard and Colours to the Lions on 08 Jan. Am awaiting the official photographs taken during the parade, personal cameras were not permitted and will put them up as and when received.

The squadron also hosted a reunion party in the evening for all the ‘old timers’ and it was indeed a great pleasure to meet quite a few of them after many a year.

Not surprsingly most of those who made it were from the Marut era – Kalyan Palit, KP Sreekant, Bhushan Narang, Timki Bhalla, Vikram Pethia, Softy Sofat, Danny Nayyar, Sam Samsi and the local brigade comprising Tony Garg, Praksash Sanadi, Keru, Elaine Kochar and Dara Cooper.

Timki Bhalla, Dara, Sree, Softy, Bhushan

Mrs Palit, Geeta Sanadi, Latika Sanadi, Sush and KP Sreekant at the back

In addition there were some of the old Mystere and Mig lot, Garry Grewal of POW fame, Pulak Mukherjee, Mian Ghouse, Anil Thapar and Raza Shirazi.

Garry and Mrs Grewal, Tony, Mukho and Sam

The Mystere group: Sheila Samsi, Roshan Cooper, Molly Mukherjee, Tony and Sadhna, Mukho.

And Sadhna conducted the choir!

On 09 Jan, The local yokels invited the squadron and visiting guests for  drinks and eats and hopefully they went back with their belly full and spirits high. Vikram and Sam organised a collection for the squadron which was presented to them to set up a rolling trophy  leaving the decision to them to decide the purpose and design. Bobby was also invited to put in a special appearance!


Bobby (recovering from a viral) and an excited Danny Nayyar

Geeta Pethia, Sheila Samsi, Rio Nayyar, Madhuri Kasbekar and Sush Sreekant in foreground.

Vikram, Kalyan, Raza, Keru and Tony


2 Responses to Pictures From the Lions Reunion

  1. PS Sanadi says:

    A SUPER get together, thanks to Dara. Meeting some of the old timers after a gap of over 20 years. GOD BLESS -Sandy

  2. Hufrid Mulla-Feroze says:

    Have you got Garry’s mobile and email ID??


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