Wg Cdr Hufrid Mulla-Feroze (Retd) on his Capture

In one of the earlier episodes, Air Cmde Brother Bhargava has made mention of how a Pak Officer informed him of my capture as an ‘Indian spy’. The facts are that those jokers who captured me saw that I had a Commando dagger – it was an issue item for our Commandos.  Col Bhavani Singh (the Maharaja) was Commanding 10 Para, an independent unit attached to XI Div. for logistic purpose.  Col Bhavani Singh gifted one to me – it was a full-fledged Wilkinson  Sword commando dagger, fully balanced and so sharp that it could be used for shaving or slitting throats.  That is how and why I was carrying one.

All our Army officers were issued a side arm, however, I did not get one as they had none to spare.  On 4th, we ran into some snipers which our Army neutered.  One of their officers was carrying the standard Smith & Wesson revolver which we used for parades etc.  Our Army gave it to me and I was carrying it when captured, but it had a ‘sitare chand’ painted on it (I had not seen that as it was late evening) – this is what made them conclude I was a spy.  Anyway, I was in no condition to explain.  One of their officers saw me wearing a ‘g’ suit, minus the bags and saw a million map in my lower pocket.  He informed the PAF and was given instructions to send me immediately to some PAF base.

Kammy and Brother were also there (it was near the sea, as having lived all my life opposite the sea, I could smell it, additionally there were Klaxon horns hooting away and that further confirmed my suspicion), we were in or somewhere near Karachi.

A Pak Parsi Group Captain doctor, in full uniform,  who knew I was there came to see me (on the Parsi net).  He made some sympathetic noises, but when I told him he was on the wrong side, he gave me a dirty look and left.  That was on 11th December night.  We, (Kammy, Brother and I) were put in a twin prop aircraft and landed once for refueling, I later got to know that it was Risalewala.  Fastest turn around I have ever experienced, we landed at Chaklala (Rawalpindi, our final destination) early morning on 12th while it was still dark.
Brother is telling you the rest!!


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  1. Sir when U were fighting wars I was aspiring to join IAF sitting in my father’s shop and looking towards blue sky of A/C formation overhead flying towards then East Pakistan. I joined IAF in Aug 72 and my 1st posting was in Hakimpet in Sep 73. I had the opportunities to work under your guidance in Trg Wg O/R where u were TWA. I was awarded commendation by C-in-C there in Sep 76. Last year I have supernnnuated and living in Gurgaon. My only son is Lt Cdr in Indian Navy. ….HFO(Then LAC) JK Prasad Clk GD. My e-mail id jkprasad1955@gmail.com

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