Letter From SK To all his friends and well wishers at the blog.

Dear Dara,

I have to thank you for opening the floodgates of the old bygone days. The short little note that I sent you last month  has given me the opportunity to get through to a lot of very dear friends who I had thought I had lost forever. Because of you , I have been inundated with calls and e-mails from most of my friends. Specially those with an HF background.

I want to write to each and every one in person , but because of some very unfortunate circumstances I am just not getting the time to do so. Most to the time I am out of Udaipur fighting Bush Fires. And when I do get the opportunity to be at home my computer is on the blink and I am not able to get through to any one. Because of this limitation I am writing to you to help me convey my gratitude and thanks to all those lovely people who have gone out of their way to call me up or write to me.

I am truly amazed and deeply touched by the number of   people who have called me up, for the very simple reason that I never was a very socially mobile sort of chap and at the best of times an obnoxious bloody twerp. That just goes to show that a lot of people are ready to forgive and forget. I am sure you will vouch for that.

I am sending a short write up on my family, because we haven’t met for decades and as you know a lot has happened since then. To all of us. Though one may not interact with the family or with me for that matter in the days to come, I still thought that it would be appropriate that I should let you all know about my family status. Just as much as I would like to know about theirs.

If you will care to recall 40 years back we, rather most of  us, were bachelors, and if not that at least nascent family men with no idea what so ever as to what was in store for us. Many of course passed away without fulfilling their dreams but for those of us who have survived ,it is a blessing to be grateful about. Most of your children are, I am sure well settled in life and you are all old ( me included of course ) doddering  old Grandfathers, whose sole object in life has become spoiling your children’s children. A very delectable past time you will agree.

I married very late in life. In early 1982 to be precise. But  a few months before this marriage  I  adopted a Rajput boy belonging to the same sub caste as mine, that is Chauhan , who is the only son that I have now. Some of you may remember that I had my Mother living with me and since there was no one to look after her in case of  my demise  I had taken this step. A step I have never had any reason to regret., because this lad has been more than an ideal son for me, and would not ever think of giving him up for a Real son of my own so called blood line. Some people may not agree, saying that there is nothing to beat having your own blood as a son. Well I would not like to argue over that point, for I however see no merit.

Well all that is academic and has no real relevance right now. Coming back to my little family,

The family, as of today, consists of :-

My adopted son ,pet name ,Baba ,(Om Vir Singh Chauhan), 42

Baby,his wife ( Manju Singh Chauhan ) 38

Their  eldest son,( Boy),pet name, Bui ( Gajendra Singh Chauhan ) 19

Then, the little girl Timmany ( Reshma Singh Chauhan ) 16,

And Nanu , the youngest boy ( Ranvir Singh Chauhan, ) now 12 years old.

Chauhan,  as you all may know ,is one of the sub castes of Rajputs, like Rathore, Sisodia, Bhati etc.

Bui (Gajendra,19 ) is in his 2nd Semester of Hotel Management, and has just completed his final exams for this semester. Hopefully he should complete his Bachelors Degree in Hotel Management some time in June/July 2012.

Reshma ( Timmany, 16 is in her 12th , with business as her main subjects. She/We have still not decided as to what line she is to take up once she passes her 12 th some time in June next year. May be we might end up sending her to become an Air Hostess. Let us see. She was (as were the other s ) very keen on  becoming a pilot, but it had to be shelved because of the reversal of fortunes in our lives.

Nanu,13 is in his 8th class. He is not doing too well in his studies. I am only hoping that in the coming years things will improve and he gets some direction in life. So far he does seem to be interested in science. At least that is a beginning.

Right now I am in Udaipur. After leaving the Air force In 1984, I did a stint in Delhi with Nirula’s as their marketing co-coordinator /Manager. Then for a while as the Secretary of the Sainik Board, in Bharatpur , till I bought a small plot of land in Udaipur and built a small Guest House here overlooking the world-famous Lake palace Hotel. The Hotel did brilliantly well till a few years back when unfortunately domestic discord in the guise of my wife disrupted a perfectly good setup. I shall not go into the gory details as washing dirty linen in public never did look edifying. The outcome of all this has been that this hotel has been closed down .More or less for ever.

And that brings us up to date.

Not a very edifying end but just one of those things that happen in life.

Having said that let me talk about the coming Get together. This is something that I am really looking forward to. It will give the golden opportunity of swapping notes and renewing contact, because I have been extremely introverted and leading the life of a Hermit all these years. Now that this game is coming to a close I am beginning to feel the need to go out into the world again and reestablish a link with my air force colleagues. If not in person, at least through the medium of letters. In this I will have to reiterate my gratitude to Dara and all those who have made this possible. I do hope that this forum is here to stay and not die a natural death like all the good things in life. Amen.

With my good wishes and regards



Could have been 30 years ago.




Nature from his window



3 Responses to Letter From SK To all his friends and well wishers at the blog.


    It was nice to read SK story.I have been following the E’mails very keenly and learning about old friends.I think SK may remember the good old days at Hasimara. Not many ppl of that vitage and Toofani species are left perhaps. but all the same to to go back in time 45 yrs and still almost feel as if it was only so recently. GURDEEP

  2. Dara says:

    Dear SK,

    Thanks for your thanks! The guys behind all this buzz of activity have really been 4 guys who got together last Dec in Mumbai and set the ball rolling: Su Soares, Ravi Burli, Eddie d’Silva and Suree Rao. They deserve our gratitude to start with.

    Had they not taken the intiative and done the real hard work in the beginning by organising re-unions at Mumbai and Jodhpur, the past few months, Bangalore would never have been on the horizon. Of course from there, Groupie Bhargava and AVM Lamba pushed for it with the powers that be and now along with Bhushan Narang are taking it to its logical conclusion.


  3. Shashi Ramdas says:

    Dear SK, it was great reading your update. I had emailed you, a couple of days ago. I wonder if you received that email. Just after that email, I happened to be speaking with Pinky Pillai, on the telephone, and he told me he had very fond memories of you from way back when you were his Flt Cdr in 220 Sqn. I know there are many of us Marut old-timers who are eagerly waiting to meet up with you at the grand Reunion in Bangalore next June. Please do email me whenever you have the time. Warmest regards……….. Shashi Ramdas

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