More from the Lions

Have managed to ferret out some more diary events and photographs from the albums. Unfortunately, some of the photographs were themselves not very clear. However, they do revive memories and tell their own story.

Squadron History

Just prior to being numberplated a trophy in the shape of a pillar was created. Names of all those who had served in the squadron till then adorn the sides. While the complete list is impressive by itself, there are  unfortunately a few who have been left out.


Predominantly Marut jockeys here:

Diary entry 05 May 82- Tony Garg's ejection.

Tony revisiting the events 28 years later

Diary entry, December, 1982

The Last Marut Squadron

The Boss and his Naval contingent. Would appreciate someone identifying the Naval officers

Prem Singh with a Naval aviator

The Final Marut Roll Call Feb 83

Postcard sent by Warren George Barrass- after leaving service- to Flt Lt VS Samsi.


4 Responses to More from the Lions

  1. Ravi Burli says:


    The one standing with Prem Singh is Robin Chonkar. As Cdr Hothi says, he is no more. RIP.I had written a small piece on him a few months ago.

    Wonder if our naval colleagues know about the Marut re-union Blore ? Now that they are on the blog, it would be great to have them for it.


    • Dara says:

      Thanks Ravi. I do remember you had put in that write up on Robin Chonkar.

      Well I take it that Cdr Hoti knows about it, he is also on the Group site. I don’t have any details on the third officer. If someone helps out there I will add him.


      • Sudhir Batra says:

        I think Cdr Hoti is right person to identify the third Naviator (Naval Aviator) who flew Marut. It will be fun to have them part of Marut celebration.

  2. Cdr. B.S.Hothi says:

    Dear Dara Sir,
    I am pleasantly surprised to see tw photographs of Navy officers at Jodhpur when we flew Maruts. I am standing in both photographs. In the first photograph I am standing next to Malhotra where as in the second I am standing behind.
    Robin as you may know, is no more. I want to request if these two phtographs could be available as I do not have them. I want to put them up in my forth coming book in which Lions figure out very prominantly.
    Thanks for reminding us of good times with Air Force.
    Commander Hothi

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