From Sudhir’s Album

Sudhir Batra has posted some interesting photographs from the 1971 days with 220.

Brother welcomed back on his return.

Flanked by Boss Mickey, Sudhir, and RP Sharma, followed by T Vijayan, Jayal and Sanadi.

The Tigers commenced interdiction missions on 4 Dec from Uttarlai and  in the Naya Chor sector. On 4th and 5th Dec, they suffered two casualties, Flt Lt PV Apte and Flt Lt Brother Bhargava respectively.  Brother was taken POW.

Flt Lt Pradeep Apte ejected from his crippled Marut, inside enemy territory, and was shot down during his descent by ground forces.

Mrs Surekha Apte receiving the Vr C awarded to her late husband from President VV Giri.

A Mix of 10 and 220 aircrew and technical officers.

220 Aircrew: Bats, Joe Bakshi, Boss Jit Dhawan, Bobby and Sree.

Bobby and Bats visit the Sikh Regiment at Chor after the cease fire.


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