Pappu Mehta looks back


Not a stiff neck - just dancing

I am from 121 PC and one of those lucky few who after the trg at AFA was sent directly to an Operational Sqn as a Plt Offr. Of course in the bargain we missed out the fun at MOFTU. No regrets.

žI joined  ‘Daggers’ on 30  Jul 79, moved over to 220 Sqn on 10 Mar80 and then to 31 Sqn on 06 Jul81. I finally left 31 Sqn and Jodhpur when the Maruts wound up in Mar 83 ž

Presently living in Chennai with my wife Neeti and daughter Tanvi . I am flying B737s  for Blue Dart, the Courier Company


One Response to Pappu Mehta looks back

  1. Latika says:

    Pappu Uncle, How r u? Didn’t know you were in Chennai, send me email id. We are in Pune. Regards to aunty and u,
    Latika Sanadi

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