Sage Advice – protecting privacy of email IDs

I am indebted to Groupie Kapil Bhargava for at last enlightening the likes of me on how to send out emails to multiple addressees, without exposing all email IDs and invading the privacy of others.

Am repeating the simple steps laid out by Groupie for the benefit of those who may be interested:

“The simple way this can be forestalled is by putting all addresses, except the main To addressee, in the Bcc box. I have successfully sent mail to more than 400 addressees in a single shot. The simple trick was:

to export the addresses from my address book into a csv (Comma Separated Values) file,

open it to highlight all addresses,

copy and paste them in the Bcc area.

A comma will automatically appear between the addresses to separate them.

Such email is usually addressed to myself though I may change the display name as I wish, such as Dear Friends, Dear Test Pilots or Dear Veterans etc. This can be done on the composed mail.”

I am not sure whether such a facility is available on all email systems, it certainly exists on Gmail. A minor variation that I experienced was that instead of commas between addresses I found them appearing one below the other on different lines.

Quite effective in preventing misuse of email IDs and receiving unwanted mail from dubious sources.


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