Memories – Raghubir Shekhawat

Shekh then and now. Only the eyes seem unchanged!

žPosted in as a bachelor and being a Rajasthani people did try hard to get me married but managed to leave with no change in marital status. ž

žJoined as a part of a trial a wherein few Pilot Offrs were posted directly from AFA/H’pet on completion of training to HFs and Mig 21 Sqns instead of going via intermediate trg on Hunters. ž ž

žI remember having over heard interesting conversation one day while hogging in the tea club- favourite pass time those days and remember -No free rations. ž Some one, don’t recall the name, was very upset with his front gun score. No guesses required for the count!

He opened his heart to Randy (RS Ranawat), a good shot on the HFs and a regular supplier of shikar to NC(E) Pillai in tea club for feeding us delicacies that only he could prepare.

“Sir, I am having trouble getting some bullets into the F/G tgt. Pls help with some tips on correct sighting and what sight picture to use.”

“What sight picture?…. Just put the pitot head on the tgt and fire. Keep it there while u shoot.”

“But I cannot see the pitot head” Most couldn’t see it in correct sitting position.

“No wonder! Your scores are shit!”


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