Memories – Ravi Burli


My heart sank after OCU

I was to go to that dreaded aircraft – the Marut

This is the end, I thought

If not of life then certainly the future seemed bleak

Saving grace … I had six of my friends along

(And I  am blessed – friends they have remained since)

They all possibly felt the same

How mistaken we were

For it was on the Marut that we learnt

Lots about aviation and all about life

Exacting and forgiving at the same time was she

Serious at work, but fun at play were our seniors

They gave us their best.. nurtured us

And ever since, the Marut has never stopped casting her benedictions

So today is special – A crisp salute to her

The Marut made it this way.


3 Responses to Memories – Ravi Burli

  1. Ravi Burli says:

    Chou, Santa, Bugy and Steve

  2. sunith says:

    who were the other 4

  3. Eddie D'Silva says:

    Hey Folks………..

    Am one of the six with Ravi. Friend of his,I am and friend of the Marut, I always will be……………and Ravi B’s.


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