A Very Special Occasion

No it’s not a T20 match where a wicket has fallen!

Where else would one see the CAS hugging his Chief Test Pilot (albeit HAL)? Another reason why this photograph is unique is because it is one of the few occasions where Krishna Menon has been captured smiling.

The first flight of the Marut was indeed special.

This photograph is available on some sites, this one has been taken from Groupie Chakko’s Memoirs.

Please click the photograph to enlarge.

3 Responses to A Very Special Occasion

  1. Gp Capt Kapil Bhargava (Retd) says:

    It sure was a momentous and historical occasion: The maiden flight of the first ever fighter aircraft designed and built in India. There is another picture from the day taken before the flight. This is the exact occasion the Golden Anniversary of which which Marut Fans are keen to celebrate next year.

    This and other pictures should go into a dedicated gallery, if one is created soon.

    But this comment is to make a slight correction to the earlier comment. Aspy Merwan Engineer was an AVM and Managing Director of Hindustan Aircraft Ltd at the time. He was in uniform mainly because of the Raksha Mantri’s visit. I am not sure but perhaps he wore civvies on normal days, if he wished. He took over as CAS almost one year after this event. AVM Ranjan Dutt succeeded him as MD.

    Hindustan Aircraft Ltd became a corporation with a slight change of name to Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd on 1 October 1964. That was when it got a Chairman to head it.

    • Dara says:


      I rechecked the enlarged photograph and the rank badge is that of AM. Also checked at Bharat Rakshak and AM Engineer’s tenure as the CAS was from Dec 60 to 31 Jul 64.

      That being so, I would think the caption is correct. Except for the fact that it
      mentions his rank as ACM.

      As far as getting the pictures sorted out am planning to get the photographs into some sensible order, maybe in a week or so.

  2. Eddie D'Silva says:

    Great to see such memorable moments on the site. The fact that Krishna Menon was smiling and the CAS hugging the CTP ……the picture captures it all.


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