Air Marshall Man Singh – Rest in Peace

Just heard from Eddie that AM Man Singh passed away at Delhi on 24th April 2010. Another stalwart laid to rest, after a brilliant and eminent career.

Most Marut fans here will remember him as a dynamic AOC, Jodhpur. Many may have experienced his verbal lashings, yet will also remember that he did it with a single-minded purpose, either to improve you, or his station. What is more, it was generally always effective and got desired result. The last time I remember being in the same room as him, was when he visited Jodhpur as the DASI. That debrief is ingrained in my mind. ” Coming to the SATCO, I spent some time in the ATC. In my time…….., ………..  this gentleman will be out of this station within the month! Moving on to the MT Section, when I was here, there was 100% serviceability, talking to the O i/c MT Section, he told me…………., this gentleman needn’t bother, he will be out within the month! I visited the Logistic Section, when questioned about the war plans of the station and the provisioning status, the SLO informed me…………………., he is certainly on his way out! I am sure the next inspection, within the next few months, by DASI will be a pleasure.” None can deny, though, that his Station ran like clockwork.

To his family we offer our heartfelt condolences. He was the complete Officer and Gentleman – RIP


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