First Flash From Jodhpur

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7 Responses to First Flash From Jodhpur

  1. Cherry says:

    Hi to U all

    Its really sad that I could nt make it at Jodhpur .

    Any way I really wished that the get together will

    bring in more people into Bangalore !!

    I am sure all of you had a BASH .

    Kalana Lake swim must have been Fantastic ??

    Regards CHerry

  2. Dara says:

    Dear All,
    Pictures speak louder than words. You obviously had a blast and went down memory lane. Yes we are eating our hearts out and wish we were there. Hoping to make it next year at Bangalore.
    with warm regards
    Capt JP Singh

  3. jagbag says:

    Went for the Marut Seconnd Reunion…. got sloshed … not with “Daru” really… but the awesome anecdotes … more will come later including some nasty escapades and some awesome fotos. The organisation was great… will cherish some happy memories for a long time. It was like looking back thru a time capsule!!!!! rEally thank the organisers and the attendees you all made it a great experience and the pleasant memories will remain with me!!!

  4. Dara says:

    Email from Eddie


    We wanted NOSTALGIA – Jodhpur has given it to us- It literally has turned the heat on – FULL FLOW and HIGH – 38*C. in shade.Could we have asked for anything better. I always look for a silver lining – its a free Sauna.

    The Air Force Station has put their best foot forward and is doing their best to give us the BEST.

    When you land at Airport or Railway station – pl do not pick up a cab. You will find a coach/aircrew van, with an NCs(e) to pick you up. The MTD in all probability will have an accomodation plan to tell you where your sauna is located – hotel/AF Mess. If he does not have that then you will be brought to the Mess and sent onwards from there.

    For those who land up early on the 20th. Breakfast/Lunch will be served in the ladies room – not part of the package – but to ensure your blood sugar level is good, – on payment. Pl feel free to utilise this, if in the Mess or otherwise.

    Transport – hopefully an AC coach will be available to take you to the city if you do feel the need to go there before we begin our bash.

    Su Soares, who is in Jodh since Wednesday, working out things, is available on 09820345965 and Eddie D’silva on 09004121777, if the need arises for you to contact anyone.

    Have a safe trip into Jodh.

    Till then,
    Have fun,

    • Mal says:

      The second Marut reunion was a `scorching’ success. We had a great time. Renuka was exposed to the spirit of the Marut veterans and the spirits within them as well.The mysterious spirit of `Sambu’ who was being invoked at regular intervals during the evening bash has left her curious. I wonder if we can get him for the next reunion.Thanks to all the organisers, Su Sir and Eddie in particular,who made this happen.Cheers to the Wind Spirit and let it continue to soar.

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